This is a variation of side control where instead of being completely perpendicular to your opponent,
you’re actually diagonal to them half way between north/south and in side control. If you were
to look at the two of you like a clock, and your opponent’s feet were at 12 o’clock, your feet would
be at about 4 o’clock. This is a great way to play because it still gives you a lot of arm attacks
along with the ability to shift sides quickly or move to traditional side control or to the north/south.

kimura grip from diagonal side control
Step 1
Matt wants to get control of the nearside arm so that he has multiple attacks to choose from depending on Mike’s movement. While staying on his toes and being heavy on Mike, Matt drives his left side down across Mike’s face and shoulder- this makes Mike uncomfortable and not very fond of the position.
Matt uses his left arm and hand under Mike’s left arm to create a barrier to keep him from escaping to his left.
Step 2
The pressure on Mike, with Matt using his hip pressure, makes it inevitable that Mike’s right arm’s going to come loose. Once this happens, Matt remains tight to Mike and places his right palm against Mike’s side and
scoops up the side of his body to get a solid control of his right arm. Matt likes to call
this open palm scoop across the body the “spatula.” Matt’s controlling the arm by curling his arm to keep Mike’s arm tight against his body; he’s not gripping in any way, his palm is still open.
Step 3
Matt uses two points of control here to get Mike to turn to his side. Matt is using pressure near the
knot of his belt to push Mike forward and then using his chest to push him downward. This gets
Mike to roll to his left side.
Step 4
Now, Matt brings his left arm up and over Mike’s head to grab his wrist and then locks up the
Kimura grip on the arm. At this point, Matt’s pressuring with his hips, chest, and keeping his elbows
in to keep Mike from getting any room to escape.




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