Rob Biernacki

Rob Biernacki runs Island Top Team BJJ in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. is his online academy, which features their conceptual approach to JiuJitsu, and a Pedagogy section, which is one of the only online resources for how to become a more effective BJJ instructor and school owner. In partnership with Stephan Kesting at He has 4 instructional series available: The BJJ Formula, The Submission Formula, The Modern Leglock Formula, and the NoGi DelaRiva Formula. He may not be the most fun to talk to at parties, but if you want to kill time reading about BJJ Concepts on the internet, he's your guy.
  • Jiu-Jitsu Geometry

    One of the first phrases you’ll hear when you start training jiu-jitsu is “position before submission”. This principle, which is a helpful rule of thumb, introduces the importance of controlling your opponent before attempting to submit them. However, I believe that there is an even more important phrase, which...