Naveed Shan

Naveed Shan is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Siege MMA/Lotus Club BJJ in Glendale, AZ and Revolution Training Systems in Tempe, AZ. He trains under Giva Santana and is currently finishing his post-graduate studies in Exercise Science and Psychology at ASU. You can contact him at
  • Using Kettlebells To Up Your Game

    Using Kettlebells To Up Your Game.

    Many of the most novel and innovative ideas in the strength and conditioning industry have been around much longer than people realize. Medicine balls, Indian clubs and even exercise bands have been used for more than a century, even though they have increased in popularity in recent years. Another...

    Improve your overall performance on the mats with band training. ...
  • Make Every Movement Count

    Being economical with your strength and conditioning I’m willing to wager that the vast majority of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine readers are not full-time athletes. You have a full-time job/school, a family, friends, and other responsibilities off the mat. Jiu-jitsu is your therapy; it is where you can escape for a...