Hywel Teague

Hywel Teague is a journalist and film maker responsible for short documentaries of jiu-jitsu's top stars at the popular website bjjhacks.com.
  • Working The 50-50 Guard With Felipe Costa

    50-50 is a controversial position; some people love it, some people hate it. As a BJJ competitor and coach, I prefer to leave the emotions out of it and make sure I understand the techniques. By having a good understanding of it, I can choose whether to apply it...
  • Copa Podio Weigh-Ins and Press Conference

    The stacked 2015 Copa Podio heavyweight GP has drawn talent from all over the world, with representatives flying in from Poland, Portugal and the USA. The 16-man challenge includes names such as Vinny Magalhaes, Erberth Santos, Tim Spriggs, Felipe Preguiça, Delson “Pé de Chumbo” and more. The entire event...
  • Fighting For A Better Future.

    Terere’s Social Project Aims To Change Lives With the Power of Jiu-Jitsu It’s a little after six on a Monday evening in Rio. Kids start appearing at the gym door in small groups of twos and threes. As they enter they kick off their flip-flops and quickly take to...