Gustavo Dantas

Gustavo Dantas, aka “The BJJ Mental Coach”, is a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. A world class competitor and coach, Gustavo is a Certified Mental and Life Coach with a physical education degree who helps competitors discover what is holding them back from performing to the best of their abilities and reaching their full potential. As a speaker and author, Gustavo has created the innovative program for jiu-jitsu competitors called: “Inner Discovery for Outer Success”, and wrote the book “Launching Your BJJ Journey After 30, 10 Steps to Maximize Your Competition Experience”. For more information on Gustavo’s coaching programs, books, and DVD’s, please visit his website.
  • Should you compete in a jiu-jitsu tournament?

    If you have competed before, most likely you have noticed that you have more focus, discipline with your training, and diet when you are getting ready for competitions. This helps with the process of developing and refining your jiu-jitsu game. For those who have never competed before, they may...