Dr. Ethan Kreiswirth PhD ATC

Dr. Ethan Kreiswirth PhD, ATC of “Kreiswirth Sports Medicine” is the Medical Director for the International/United States Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Dr. Kreiswirth is a black belt in BJJ and has provided medical coverage for BJJ events since the mid-1990s. He can be reached at ekreiswirth@gmail.com.
  • Dangers Of The Heel Hook

    Just saying the term “heel hook” will send shivers down any grappler’s spine, from head to heel. In many sanctioned competitions, the heel hook is not legal in any division. If not released in time, a heel hook can do some severe damage. In this article I’m going to...
  • Considerations of Wrist Injuries: What You Should Know

    Maybe it doesn’t happen too often as a white belt, but ask any grappler with experience what the one area is to attack that people often aren’t paying attention to and they’ll tell you it’s the wrist. Wrist locks present themselves all the time, maybe not as the first...
  • Hip Pain: “Should I Be Concerned?”

    Picture this: you’ve increased your training volume and intensity for an upcoming tournament that may have caused you some hip pain.  Although you have general soreness after a hard training session, your hip pain has not diminished and continues to linger.  The question you may have is, “Am I...