Bret Perchaluk

Bret Perchaluk works for a government agency working with operators from various agencies and departments both in the field and in the mat room. He holds a black belt in judo, brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, completed SWAT selection, completed the Defensive Tactics Instructor Course, participated in CQB training, and has experience in Task Force field operations. He currently trains under Ryan Hall at Fifty50 BJJ, as well as learning Gorilla JJ from friend John Simmons. His website covers positive topics in the martial arts community.
  • Going Commando!

    Special Operators Use BJJ to Add to Their Skill Sets! Standard operating procedure…right? Imagine this scene: it’s dark – pitch black actually – and cold, real cold – winter cold – and you’re set up on a house waiting to enter it without knocking. You’re weighed down with tons...