The #1 Hack to Improve your Jiu-Jitsu Immediately and Get Faster Results

There is a simple way you can learn and improve your skills a lot faster than your competition.  It’s called reflection.  If you practice jiu jitsu daily you can end up going through the motions without noticing any improvements.  You end up going in circles and wonder why you get stuck in the same positions over and over again.  By simply writing down what you have been doing and reflecting on your daily process you can overcome these issues and increase your performance by 23 percent.

First of all, when you start reflecting and writing down what you are actually doing in training, you will look into the details.  Things you took for granted and were common to you are now being looked at even more intensely.  This makes a big difference because you become aware of what’s actually working, what you’re good at, as well as what you’re not so good at. You can see where you get stuck and where you have been succeeding.  This helps you to build further on your strengths and find solutions to your weaknesses.  

If the same issue keeps coming up there is usually a pattern. 

During reflection take some moment on how you would approach this situation differently and even look for better ways to do it.  

Constant improvement is the name of the game.

So when you face the same obstacle the next time, you know exactly that it is coming and what you have to do differently this time. 

Another great reason why it is important to write down your reflections is, over time you will lose confidence in your abilities. It can happen when things are being stagnant.  We’re human and can feel a loss of confidence.  Looking back at your notes will give you great insights on 

1) how far you have come 

2) that you’re doing actual progress by comparing yourself to a year, a month or even a week before 

Yes it takes some extra work.  Yes it takes some extra time.  But if you really care for your success and want to get where you want to get, you need to put in that extra work.  By the way, the extra work will pay off when you reap the benefits and save your time by actually succeeding and not being stuck with the same challenges.  Nothing great happens when you do the same as everyone else.  Start separating yourself from the mass and elevate to higher levels

If you’re looking to get to the next level and want to acquire new skills and behaviors to increase your performance, get in touch with me. We will figure out what I can help you with and develop the best strategy to get you to the next level.

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Yusuf is a mental performance coach and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Understanding the importance of an individual’s mentality, he has dedicated his life to creating high performance athletes by helping them cultivate mental fortitude to overcome any adversity. With his Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a Mental Performance Mastery Certification, he’s able to transform individuals to unleash their full potential. Currently his goal is to help every individual develop the right mindset that overcomes every obstacle allowing them to perform at a high level.

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