Rage, Anger, Stress – Conor McGregor’s Recipe for Disaster

Hate him or love him, Conor McGregor always seems to captivate our attention. Making him the biggest draw in MMA history. His trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 should have been the conclusion to their rivalry. However, an injury that forced a doctor’s stoppage at the end of the first round with Conor breaking his leg in an Anderson Silva kind of way, made it obvious that this rivalry is far from being finished.

While Conor was super respectful in the lead up to their second fight earlier this year, he turned by 180 degrees for the third fight and came at Dustin with guns blazing with no filter. Which at the beginning seemed like Conor’s usual trash talk unfolded itself to something much bigger. Getting closer to the fight, it was becoming more and more obvious that this was not only trash talk to throw Dustin off, but more like Conor being seriously emotional about this fight. By the time he made his walk to the octagon, it was very obvious that McGregor was in rage.

Freak accidents happen. Some will call this karma because Conor made the prediction that Dustin will leave on a stretcher and he himself ended up getting escorted out of the octagon in a stretcher. But could someone see this coming? Actually, yes!

Think about it! Think of a time when you experienced a freak accident in your life. Most of the time it was probably a highly emotional build up to that point. Every time we give ourselves into anger we lose control of ourselves and our situation. Even our bodies weaken through the stress we experience and are more prone to injury. Finally, our subconscious mind has no choice but to take us towards disaster.

When we don’t process our emotions properly and stay cool, calm, and collective, the subconscious mind attracts an escape path out of that situation. They can appear in the form of injuries and accidents. In Conor’s case it was pretty obvious that something was building up. It could have happened anywhere, but it happened in the cage with Dustin Poirier, who is the reason for his emotional outbursts.

Sometimes the greats lose their alignment with their subconscious mind and can’t find their way back into the state that made them so dominant in the first place. Now, they’re acting differently than they usually do and what seemed to be pure confidence previously, feels like cockiness and insecurity.

A reason why that can be, is maybe they don’t feel like they belong there. We don’t know. But one thing that is clear, there is a deeper rooted issue that may have lead to the injury. Conor is not the first one that suffered a devastating injury in a fight. Anderson Silva lost his swagger, after the first loss to Chris Weidman and suffered a brutal leg break. Badr Hari when he rematched Rico Verhoeven at Glory, also ended up being carried out on a

stretcher after the fight. All of them showed signs of insecurity in the build up through cockiness and disrespect. It is unfortunate to see an athlete go down like this. Whether you’re a fan or not, no one should be celebrating a man’s injury. Let’s hope for Conor’s recovery and that he gets to decide how he wants to continue his career, instead of letting the injury decide how it affects his career.

The road to recovery is a messy and an emotional rollercoaster. However, when approached correctly it can help you to come back better than before with a stronger mindset and a stronger body.

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Yusuf is a mental performance coach and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Understanding the importance of an individual’s mentality, he has dedicated his life to creating high performance athletes by helping them cultivate mental fortitude to overcome any adversity. With his Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a Mental Performance Mastery Certification, he’s able to transform individuals to unleash their full potential. Currently his goal is to help every individual develop the right mindset that overcomes every obstacle allowing them to perform at a high level.

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