South America Continental Pro: Black Belts Awarded After Sunday of Super Fights in Brazil

The AJP Tour South America Continental Pro came to an end this Sunday afternoon, June 6th. The adult black belt finals were the highlight of a day that offered a high level of Jiu Jitsu to fans.

Early in the morning, the ParaJiu-Jitsu warriors took over the fight areas and inspired everyone present at the FIP pavilion, in Brusque, Santa Catarina. Men and women of Parajiu-jitsu proved once again that there is no obstacle big enough for those who want to win.

Then it was the turn of the adult black belt open class in the light (-77kg) and heavy (-120kg) categories. In both brackets, total domain of the Dream Art Project, which placed the four finalists in both brackets. At lightweight, Fabrício Junior x Lucas Gualberto; in heavy Patrick Gaudio x Erich Munis.

Sunday morning also saw blue, purple and brown belts in action. There were hours of high-level fights. The champions of each weight division were:

Purple Belt

Adult Female

-49kg – Maria Nunes

-55kg – Isabela Silva

-62kg – Brigida Felipe

-70kg – Rebeca Lima

-95kg – Cleidiane Ferreira

Blue and Purple Heavyweight Open Class (-95kg) – Rebeca Lima

Adult Male

-56kg – Bruno Sena

-62kg – Leonardo Neves

-77kg – Guilherme Fernandes

-85kg – Gabriel Brod

-94kg – Pedro Rubim

-120kg – Bruno Cruz

Open Class Lightweight (-77kg) – Carlos Campos

Open Class Heavyweight (-120kg) – Gabriel Brod

Brown belt

Adult Male

-56kg – Bruno Borges

-62kg – Leonardo Mario

-69kg – Jhonathan Souza

-77kg – Elder Junior

-85kg – Mikael Rhaillander

-94kg – Pedro Souza

Open Class Lightweight (-77kg) – Elder Junior

Open Class Heavyweight (-120kg) – Pedro Souza

With the beginning of the afternoon, it was time for the adult black belt finals. Check out how each champion was defined below. Each champion took home R$40000.

Adult Male Black Belt

-56kg – In a disputed fight, Oziel Santos defeated Italo Frota by 1-0 to secure the title.

-62kg – Meyran Maquine was unstoppable in the final of the division. He quickly found a way to Hiago George’s back and ended up in the choke to secure the gold medal.

-69kg – Fabrício Junior and Murilo Amaral had a great final. Fabrício gradually imposed his game and built a 10-4 advantage to win and celebrate the title.

-77kg – Lucas Gualberto didn’t have it easy in the final against Pedro Costa. The gold medal for Lucas came only in the referees decision after a draw in regular time and in overtime.

-85kg – Alex Munis got a 1-0 lead over Matheus Godoy early in the fight and it was enough to secure the gold medal.

-94kg – Erich Munis had a tough battle against teammate Patrick Gaudio. In an exchange of sweeps, Munis ended up with a 6-4 lead to take the title.

-120kg – Another young talent reached the top of the podium. Yatan Bueno defeated Felipe Bezerra 6-5 to take the gold medal.

Adult Female Brown/Black Belt

-49kg – Brenda Larissa beat Jessica Dantas 2-0 in the semifinal on Saturday and was declared champion after the double disqualification of Mariana Rolszt and Maria Eduarda Tozoni in the other semifinal.

-55kg – Ana Rodrigues and Gabriela Fechter fought a real battle that was only decided after the final whistle, when Fechter was disqualified.

-62kg – Julia Alves was a very valuable opponent for favorite Beatriz Mesquita. The final was only decided on the golden score, when Bia got a point for trying to get a submission on the arm.

-70kg – The final that promised to be exciting ended quickly when Izadora Cristina was disqualified for an illegal movement. With that, Thamara Ferreira took home another gold medal.

-95kg – Yara Nascimento had an emotional reaction when time ran out in the final against Gabrieli Pessanha. The 4-2 score guaranteed a long-awaited victory over her well known rival. This time, everything went well and Yara was able to celebrate!

Male Open Class

Lightweight (-77kg) – Teammates, Fabrício Junior and Lucas Gualberto met in the open class final and fought a fight full of changes of positions. The 3-2 score in favor of Fabrício defined the champion and owner of the 40K Brazilian Reais.

Heavyweight (-120kg) – Patrick Gaudio and Erich Munis met again in the open class final and once again fought a battle of sweeps. In the end, the 6-5 score gave Gaudio the title and the prize of R$40,000

Master Black Belt

Master 1

-62kg – Kalleu Rodrigues

-69kg – Caio Silva

-77kg – Jeison Silva

-85kg – Abner Souza

-94kg – Bruno Veloso

-120kg – Juan Bittencourt

Master 2

-62kg – David Farias

-69kg – William Campos

-77kg – Edjonson Andrade

-85kg – Bernardo Campos

-94kg – Vitor Toledo

-120kg – Victor Silva

Open Class Light – Caio Cipriano

Open Class Heavy – Andre Lobato

Click here for full results. Rewatch all the fights live on AJP’s YouTube channel.


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