WNO Betting Analysis; Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Gilbert Burns

WNO: Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Gilbert Burns is a submission-only grappling event taking place on *April 30* in Austin, TX and streamed live on FloGrappling.
Main Card starts at 8PM EST.

Date: *Friday 4/30/21*
Location: Austin, TX (streamed live only on FloGrappling)
Betting Cut-off Time: 8PM EST


* 15-minute NOGI match
* Submission only during regulation, no points, no overtime
* Judges decision if no submission
* NO Slams

Judging criteria for all matches that don’t end in submission:
1. Compelling submission attempts
2. Positional dominance and control
3. Aggression


Rafael Lovato Jr. (-215) vs Gilbert Burns (+180)
Over 10min (-450) *82%*
Under 10min (+335) *23%*

Lovato Jr. Wins by Submission (+200)
Lovato Jr. Wins by Decision (+105)
Burns Wins by Submission (+325)
Burns Wins by Decision (+200)


Tye Ruotolo (+240) vs William Tackett (-300)
Over 10min (-350)
Under 10min (+260)

Ruotolo Wins by Submission (+450)
Ruotolo Wins by Decision (+300)
Tackett Wins by Submission (-125)
Tackett Wins by Decision (+175)

Nicky Ryan (-500) vs PJ Barch (+350)
Over 10min (+150)
Under 10min (-200)

Ryan Wins by Submission (-250)
Ryan Wins by Decision (+140)
Barch Wins by Submission (+475)
Barch Wins by Decision (+400)

Alex Nguyen (+500) vs Grace Gundrum (-800)
Over 10min (+150)
Under 10min (-200)

Nguyen Wins by Submission (+750)
Nguyen Wins by Decision (+650)
Gundrum Wins by Submission (-500)
Gundrum Wins by Decision (+180)


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