Fight2Win 165 – Betting Analysis

Fight2Win 165 is a submission-only grappling event taking place on February 27, 2021 in Dallas, TX and streamed live on FloGrappling.

Date: February 27, 2021 (Saturday)

Location: Dallas, TX (Streamed live on FloGrappling)

Betting Cut-off Time: 7PM EST

Maria Malyjasiak (+150) vs Elisabeth Clay (-185)

Prediction: Clay is an unknown here since this is a GI match. She will not have heel hooks and Maria is good with leg locks as well. A moderate favorite for Clay but Maria is live. Most bets come in on Clay I think, she is very popular amongst sports bettors. Elisabeth Clay by decision.

Luiza Montiero (-155) vs Jessica Flowers (+125)

Prediction: Also in the GI, Luiza probably wins a decision here but Flowers is much bigger. Flowers is also live here but will be hard for her under this ruleset. Luiza Monteiro by decision.

Tracey Goodell (+170) vs Danielle Alvarez (-205)

Prediction: Tracey Goodell was a highly ranked colored belt competitor but has been on a tough streak recently at black belt. Danielle is far more recent competition experience and should be favored here. Danielle Alvarez by decision.

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