7 Tips to Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving day is upon us with everything that means. Long travels, family reunion and lots of food and drinks. So, how can you stay healthy and not put the kibosh on all your everyday effort to live a healthy live? As we will see, it’s all about balance and also about being smart on how to deal with the pitfalls we have to face this time of the year. Here we go.

1. Keep moving

Just because you are hundreds or thousands of miles away from your academy, doesn’t mean you should just sit on the couch for the entire holiday. Go for a walk or run to enjoy some pre-festivities alone time, or grab your favorite second cousin to catch up. If you are luck enough to have a family member also bit by the BJJ bug, go for a light roll.

2. Eat in the AM

There’s nothing to be gained with “saving your appetite” for the big dinner by skipping breakfast. An empty stomach will most likely lead to binging, which will lead to an increased intake of calories. So, keep your schedule and make smaller, more frequent meals.

3. Hydrate

Water, water, water. Skip sodas and other sugary drinks. Also, not drinking enough water will make you hungrier.

4. Easy on the booze

There’s nothing wrong with having a few bruskies while watching the big game, but it’s important to know when to stop. Alcoholic beverages equals high caloric intake. And also, you don’t want to be that guy who drinks too much and starts the dreaded discussion about the election, do you?

5. Skip seconds 

No, you’re not still hungry. Take your time with one serving and allow your body time to let you know you had enough. Just walk away.

6. Get some proper sleep

Actually, it’s if you don’t snooze that you loose. Make sure to get your ZZZs on so you can have a full day on Thanksgiving. Not enough sleep could lead to increased food intake as a way to keep the energy levels up.

7. Have fun 

Thanksgiving is all about getting together with the people closest to you and having a great time. Leave differences aside, open a big smile, enjoy the food and the company and we’ll see you back on the mats on Monday.


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