IBJJF Announces World Masters 2020

In a year that keeps providing us with surprises, the IBJJF kept with that 2020 spirit and hit us with a surprise announcement this past weekend with their announcement that there will indeed be a World Championship event under their banner. The following is the announcement from their site. You can keep up with their latest announcements by visiting.

World Masters 2020, will be held on December 14*-20 at the Silver Spurs Arena in Orlando FL. Due to the possible confirmation of the World Adult on November 10th, the pre-schedule with the dates on which belt/age will compete for the Worlds Masters will be released on or after November 11th.

Worlds Championships 2020 Adults – This event’s possible confirmation will be on November 10th. The event will only be confirmed if International travel is permitted for athletes entering into the USA. If confirmed, will be held on December 14-20 at the Silver Spurs Arena in Orlando FL.

Rankings 2020 – The 2020 season will end on December 13th, 2020. More information will be released soon on the final ranking prizes.

Rankings 2021 –  There will be no ranking prize awards for the 2021 season, due to the uncertainty on how many events there will be in 2021. The information on the end of the 2021 season will be released at a later point in 2021 when IBJJF will have a better idea of the full extension of the competition calendar.

Rules – The new rules updates (including Heel Hooks and Knee Reaping for Black and Brown Belt adult NoGi Divisions ) will be valid starting on January 1st, 2021.


IBJJF is working diligently on the return of our activities as much as possible in the places that are legally and safely allowed. We look forward to bringing back the competition calendar in the months to come and gradually resuming back to what we love the most. Let’s promote a healthy Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle that would help us all to endure the challenges of this time. We hope that all of you and your family members are safe and healthy. We cannot wait to see you very soon and aspire that the best is yet to come.

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