Fight2Win 152 Results

September 18th, Dallas Tx – Fight2Win brought it with another great event, pitting Gracie Barra black belt Edwin Najmi against ATOS standout, Michael Liera Jr. So without further ado, let’s get right into the recap.

Edwin Najmi vs. Michael Liera Jr.

Edwin Najmi turned in a winning effort against Michael Liera Jr. There wasn’t much stalling or stagnation. Lots of movement,  great guard passing, along with very technical and methodical movements.  These two were familiar with each other and each other’s styles and on Friday night, what we saw was a great chess match between the two with the match ending with both competitors going for straight ankle locks on each other as time expired. Najmi pulled out a close split decision victory, edging out Liera and leaving the event as the new F2W Welterweight Champion.

Rafael Barbosa vs Alex Martin

Rafael Barbosa vs Alex Martin was an action-packed and very exciting match to watch.  These two out the gate started going after each other to establish positions and grips. Rafael was on top the entire match and even got off and couple slams on Martin to get the decision win.

Romulo Barral vs Gabriel Almeida

Romulo Barral had a quick turnaround since his prior F2W appearance, this time facing CheckMat ace, Gabriel Almeida. On Barral’s return, however, things didn’t go his way, hoping to build off of his last performance towards the Fight2win belt. Gabriel Almeida defeats Romulo Barral via decision. 

And on top of those great matchups, we also got a chance to see other great matches between other competitors of all belt levels showing off their techniques. 

Main Event

Black Belts
Edwin Najmi def Michael Liera Jr. Split Dec.
Becomes F2W Welter Weight Gi Champion
Rafael Formiga Barbosa def Alex Martins Dec.
Becomes Masters Welterweight Champ
Gabriel Almeida def Romulo Barral Dec.
Johnatha Alves def Johnny Tama dec
Alejandro Siqueira def Chris Hutchison Toe Hold
Rodrigo Lopes def Kauan Barboza Dec FOTN
Isiah Wright def David Garcia Heel Hook SOTN
Nathan Mendelsohn def Rafael Lang Dec.
Brown Belt Results
Kemoy Anderson def David Altgelt Kimura
Mark France def Caleb Johnson Paper Cutter
Joan M Cabas def Jason Gavenda Choke FOTN
Wally Thompson def Nadar Tannir Knee Bar SOTN
Tainan Dalpra def Kyle Banks Choke
Purple Belt Results
Robert Robinson def Gilbert Moore Triangle
Alex Asad def Sammy Korc Heel Hook
Fraan Papasidero def Kevin Smith Dec.
Thalys Pontesdef Thomy Tano dec FOTN
Sam Micale def Marquise Jefferson Armbar SOTN
Jessie Crane def Abbigayle Tetterton Bow n Arrow Choke
Nicolas Ponce def Diego Vasquez Dec.
Dillon Hinojosa def Luca Ramaci Dec.
Blue Belts
Nick Carlucci def Chase Main Dec.
Jollene Sunga def Jordan Sierra Smith Dec.
Denzel Freeman def Garrett Bennett Dec.
John Tao def Jonathan Thomas Dec FOTN
Riley Golden def Colton Lewis Triangle
Matt Anater def Truitt Cole Odom Heel Hook SOTN
Garrett Andrews def Vernon Kirk 2 ippons
Teens and Kids
Helena Crevar def Hope Russell  Armbar
Retains Feather Weight NOGI Title SOTN
Mackenzie Biasi def Hallie Daniel Dec.
Sean Rubchinuk def Nathaniel Gordon Split Dec.
Taylor Ellis def Bryanna Orange Dec.
Chris Ditto def Nathan Sulentec Dec.
Kevin Ditto def Elijah Sulentic Dec.
Sun-Yoon Karas def Landrie Joseph Dec.
Amara Sofia Rodriguez def Cailin Fultz Dec.
Colby Hernandez def Tommy Nichol Split Dec. FOTN
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