Romulo Barrel Returns to the Competition Scene Victorious at F2W150

August 21, Dallas Tx – Fight to Win 150 charged on, pushing the sport jiu-jitsu community back in the spotlight. And if you missed the action on Flo, don’t fret. We have your back with a recap.

The main event pitted Tanner Rice vs Romulo Barral. Many waited anxiously for the return of Romulo. The ground action kicked off with Romulo pulling guard after a brief hand battle and what looked to be a slick and quick wristlock attempt at the front end of the match. Rice was able to fend off what looked to be Romulo’s leg attack from DLR and counter with his own pressure pass attack. Romulo was able to pull off a quick sweep in which Rice eventually made it back to his feet. That essentially concluded what was the relatively little ground action. After a very methodical back and forth of hand fighting between these two very technical grapplers,  Romulo was able to secure a split decision from the refs.

The co-main featured Marcio André versus Ronaldo Junior. These two came out to put on a show as Ronaldo came out strong taking top position over Andre. Ronaldo seemed to have the ability to pass Andre’s guard at will with a relentless pass attack. Although Ronaldo was never able to establish a position after getting around Andre’s legs, Ronaldo shifted tactics by pulling guard and began threatening with sweeps and legs attacks before finding himself defending against a leg attack from André. It was the leg attack at the end of the match that may have shifted the judges’ decision as Marcio André came out with a split decision victory.  Excellent jiu-jitsu demonstrated by both of these competitors.

The following are the results from matches earlier in the evening. You can catch replays of all the matches on Flo Grappling.

Black Belts 

Romulo Barral def Tanner Rice via Split Decision

Marcio Andre def  Ronaldo Junior via Split Decision

John Combs def Ruben Rivera via Kimura SOTN

David Garmo vs Kody Steele via Split Decision FOTN

Joe Baize def Joe Dierkhising via Decision *Becomes Masters Light heavyweight No-Gi Champ

Javier Gomez def Lucas Lima via Decision *Becomes Masters Featherweight Gi Champ

Andy Varlea def Alex Larmey via Decision

Afranio de Sousa Silva def Walker Madden via Decision

Cristobal Chavez def Geoff Real via Decision

Luis Pinto def Art Vega via choke 

Chad Fields def Stephen Eakin via Decision

Vinicius Garcia def Matheus Oliveira via Decision

Marcus Dempsey def Eddie Gallagher via Split Decision

Rodrigo Lopes def Dylan Whyte via foot lock

Andrew Tackett def Orlando Castillo via Decision FOTN


Brown Belt

Nate Nasca def Sam Villalobos via Decision

Keven Carrasco def Ben Wileford via choke

Zach Cothren def Justyn Duran via Decision 

Kaleb Germany def Jake Hartner via reverse triangle SOTN

Andreza Morais def Jennifer Rivera via Split Decision FOTN

Joao Costa def Lucas Norat Lopes via Decision

Purple Belt

Chase Dunlap def JD Ortega via Decision 

Kemoy Anderson def Lewi Gault via Americana SOTN

Raymond Pina def Louie Navarro via Decision 

Nicholas Magers def Alec Baudanza via Decision 

Levi Kurtovich def Steven Galvez via Decision 

Taylor Leonard def Giancarlo Pini via armbar

Cesar Nunez def  Robert Robinson via Decision  FOTN

Matheus Azancot def  Jacob Scott via armbar

Francisco Papasidero def Cody Lehr via Decision 

Dylan Martinez def Bryan Scambler via heel hook

Lucas Espinoza def Patrick Mcafee via choke

Colby Capps def Jon Taft via Decision 

Erica Barnes def Rhodes Faraday via Decision 

Kids / Teens

Helena Crevar def Carolina Viera via Decision  * Becomes Teen No-Gi featherweight Champ

Katherine Lo def Savanna Aguirre via Decision 

Xavier Rodella def  Gui Balmante via Von Fluke choke SOTN

Reese LaFever def Colby Hernandez via Decision 

Mitchell Francis def Jett Maughan via Split Decision  FOTN


Louis Dowd def Michael Caicedo via heel hook

Tiffany Butler def Taylor Clarke via reverse triangle armbar SOTN

Marco Mendes def Brian Geiger via Decision  FOTN

Anthony Kell def Patrick Dooley via Choke

Ian Batista def Shay Stetler via Armbar

Gabe Rednose def Randall Goodson via Decision


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