Fight2Win 149 Full Results

After having to skip their streak of putting on weekly action, Fight 2 Win returned in form and delivered another great grappling event. Competitors put it on the line in the great state of Texas. Lots of exciting matches took place. We got to see great technique and form from all belt levels, all competing for a chance to become a F2W champ. 

The featured matchup was between a fierce Manuel Ribamar, coming at the last minute to replace Keenan Cornelious due to a back injury, and Gabriel Almeida who is tough as they come.

As the match starts, they both clinch, they aren’t standing for long before Manuel pulls to a half guard and the battle ensues as Almeida pushes for the pass. They had a very technical exchange in positioning and getting an advantageous grip. It was a great back and forth the whole match and in the end, Almeida came up with the decision to cap off the evening.

Monteiro Becomes Black Belt Gi Featherweight Champion

The co-main featured Luiza Monteiro coming out strong against Jena Bishop for the black belt featherweight title belt. Monteiro worked a relentless pass attack eventually getting Bishop’s back, where she was able to sink in a collar choke for the win and claim the F2W Featherweight strap. 

Ocasio Takes the Bantamweight F2W Title

Edwin “Junny” Ocasio faced Lucas Pinheiro for the men’s black belt bantamweight no-gi title. Recent Atos addition, Pinheiro, pressed for a pass in the front end of the match. Junny was able to defend and later controlled the pace later into the match, eventually earning a split decision. 

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The following are the evening’s complete results:


Gabriel Almeida def. Manuel Ribamar – Decision

Luiza Monteiro def. Jena Bishop – Choke

Monteiro Becomes Black Belt Gi Featherweight Champion

Edwin “Junny” Ocasio def. Lucas Pinheiro – Split Decision

Ocasio Becomes Black Belt No-Gi Bantamweight Champion

Max Danrley def. Mauricio Fernandes – Armbar SOTN

Cliff Sabroe def. Sean Joseph – Split Decision

Jeff Hammond def. Eric Board – Armbar

Joao Costa def. Jean Petric – Split Decision

Gilvan Gomes def. Kevin Williams – Split Decision FOTN

Diego Santana Do Espírito Santo def. Erick Raposo – Split Decision

Cody Hoffstatter def. Frank Rosenthal – Split Decision


Brown Belts

Darin Conner DeAngelis def. Tyler Murrah – Choke

DeAngelis Becomes Brown Belt Light-Heavyweight Gi Champion

Cameron Mellott def. Eric Naples – Decision

Mellott Becomes Brown Belt No Gi Flyweight Champion

Sloan Clymer def. Emil Fischer – Decision

Clymer Becomes Brown Belt No Gi Light-Heavyweight Champion

Guilherme Bacha Guedes def. Breylor Grout – Split Decision FOTN

Dominick Williams def. Nader Tannir – Choke

Austin Fraley def. Jaccob Charles – Armbar

Zach Cothren def. Guilherme Monteiro – Decision

Michael Egley def. Leandro Nascimento – Clover Leaf SOTN

David Weintraub def. Cameron Adair – Rear Naked Choke

Purple Belts

Ramiro Leon def. Jordan Marshall – Triangle Choke SOTN

Jacob Kassama def. Jerry DeAmond – Choke

Jess Bermudez def. Rhodes Faraday – Decision FOTN

Alexandru Marculescu def. Jaedon Nobles – Heel Hook

Kyle Hodgdon def. Aric Mercado – Decision

Noah Villemarette def. Christopher Soto – Decision

Juno Lucero def. Carson Steicher – Decision

Gabriel Aguiar Costa def. Hemerson Neris de Souza – Decision

Zach Wolivar def. Austyn McNeil – Decision

Stephanie Williamson def. Yasmim Coutinho – Decision

Christian Johnson defats Leroy Brown – Decision


Blue Belts

Lorenzo Ledesma def. Guillaume Prada – Decision FOTN

Joshua Rodriguez def. Oliver Smith – Slam

Anthony Williams def. Alejandro Felix – Guillotine

Skylar Idell def. Marie Eliza Cordero – Rear Naked Choke

Nick Carlucci def. Manuel Bernard Mejia – Choke SOTN

Chase Main def. Mitchell Cupp – Heel Hook

Hamza Al-Saad def. Gray Ramirez – Kneebar



Kevin Ditto def. Sean Rubchinuk – Kimura FOTN

Owen Sabroe def. Brayden Wolfe – Ankle Lock SOTN


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