Meet the CEO of Kasai Grappling; Rich Byrne

To run a typical event, you need a solid team in place to cover many of the operations relevant to the task. However, it takes a keen individual to oversee the big picture items, take the valuable input of said team and point things in the direction to accomplish objectives.

Meet Rich Byrne. On the surface, it may seem like an odd notion that someone of Rich’s background would be running a high-level event promotion like Kasai. Rich can usually be found somewhere on Wall St. dealing with wealth management projects with other executives. And if you happened to spot him in his usual work environment, at a quick glance, you wouldn’t realize that Rich has over a decade of training on the mats and is not only a black belt but also has a passion for the art and the community and is driven to contribute in the form of Kasai. But make no mistake, Rich gets after it on the training room mats as well. When we caught up with Rich he was fresh with a rib injury but still took the time to chat with us. Injury aside, you can hear the enthusiasm it in his voice as he talks about how he got involved in Kasai and the vision he has for the promotion.

Check out the interview here or below to listen in. Enjoy!


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