Relson Gracie Arrest Update; Relson Released From Custody. Awaits Trial in Brazil

As was previously reported on various news outlets, jiu-jitsu red belt Relson Gracie was arrested this past weekend and indicted for drug trafficking by Brazilian authorities in what was reported as transporting skunk and marijuana derivatives on the Presidente Dutra Highway while in transit on an interstate bus. There has been much speculation, surprise, and confusion about the situation. For the violation, Relson stood to face a penalty that could have resulted in five to fifteen years in prison.

However, Jiu-Jitsu Mag. has received a bit of context of what this arrest entails through a statement from Relson’s attorney João Francisco Neto:

“The athlete and professor Relson Gracie was a victim of a massive mistake. He resides in the USA and brought with him cannabis based medication for therapeutic use, all of which were purchased with a doctors note in the USA. His arrest during a routine stop by the Brazilian Police has been promptly revoked by the Judicial system. Such medications can already be purchased and imported with a simple doctors note, as a recent resolution by ANVISA ( the Brazilian FDA) which cuts any possibility of a crime being committed”.

Relson is currently in Brazil awaiting the start of his trial but is not in jail for this offense.


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