The Anatomy of a Brand

As jiu-jitsu continues to grow in the competitive realm, so will the overall culture and the brands that support it. A recent addition to this cause is an east coast based operation called “Anatomy Jiu-Jitsu”. 

Let’s begin with the fundamental importance of the anatomy in it’s relation to “the Gentle Art”. In any typical period of instruction, we emphasize the placement of certain parts of the body in relation to our opponent’s so that we can achieve optimal results from the given situation. Whether it be a position of control, a sweep or ultimately, a submission, the goal is using the superior positioning of our anatomy to exploit the inferior positioning of our opponents. The deeper you go into the rabbit hole the more crucial those details become.

Which brings us back to the recent upstart “Anatomy Jiu-Jitsu” based out of Brooklyn NYC. Although donning apparel alone is not nearly enough to make you a lethal force, having proper fitting gear can make the entire experience more comforting and fulfilling. In a brief chat with the company founder, Tetyana Zorya, she explained her challenge with the overall availability for a good fit for her jiu-jitsu athletic apparel. She went on to say, 

I started the brand after trying to find myself women’s no-gi gear and had a lot of trouble finding shorts and rash guards that fit the way I felt comfortable and confident in. [The industry] was branded for men, by men, making some women’s gear here and there. We are not focusing completely on women’s gear, but we wanted to start a company that makes gear for all shapes and sizes, that has not only quality but also a look that, someone like me, aka the Brooklyn hipster jiujiterio, would like wearing. We currently are just trying to get things started, so we can expand and make more diverse goods, and hopefully start moving into the gi world as well”.

With a brand that is choosing to focus on the same foundation of what jiu-jitsu principles target [the anatomy], this may be a brand that you’d like to give a shot and support. Check them out by clicking here and let us know what you think. 


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