Lost Weight; Gained Life Success: Frankie Orr

    1. Age:38

Height: 6’2

Starting Weight: 330

Current Weight: 215

Hometown: Sacramento

Home Gym: WAZA BJJ

Instructor: Derek DiManno

Rank: Blue Belt

How did you discover jiu-jitsu?

I was introduced to jiu-jitsu through my supervisor GK, every time I would see him he would tell me “the hardest thing to do is walk through the doors and show just up”. one day I finally did.

What motivates you to train?

Getting in shape is a big motivation for me as well as pushing my body. Every training session with our team I’m getting ready for the next competition.

What else do you do for physical fitness?

I also do one hour of cardio (stair stepper, or incline treadmill), and one hour of weight lifting before jiu-jitsu training

How have you changed your diet?

The Keto diet was the answer for me. Chicken, cauliflower rice, and avocado or eggs and bacon are my go-to meals (in 7oz to 10oz amounts)3 times a day. Lots of water and beef jerky for small snacks.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge is just always being hungry and having low energy. I am still trying to find the balance with this new diet situation but I am enjoying the results for sure.

What’s been the best benefit from the changes you’ve made?

The best benefits of the changes come from the food choices to the six days a week training jiu-jitsu and seven days a week in the gym. I have reinvented myself and I am back to the weight I was at eighteen years old (215lbs) now I’m 38 years of age.

What advice would you give to someone else looking to make the same sort of change? 

The only advice I can give someone is to stay consistent, it takes time to transform and it is not easy. Always ask questions to those who have done it before you, they will help you when you stumble. Try and find enjoyment in the process because it is hard but worth every minute.



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