Fighting Away From Home: Travel Tips For the Jiujiteiro

Jiu-Jitsu and travel are always together. A good example could be when Mitsuyo Maeda traveled from Japan to Brazil. Nowadays, is common to find a BJJ competitor, competing out from the tropical weather of Rio de Janeiro to the dry desert of Las Vegas. It’s a huge change that can affect your performance. Competing away from home it’s an art. And you need to pay attention to some important details that can help you succeed in your adventure. Here are five:

1 – Acclimation

Make sure to arrive at least a full 24hrs prior to your competition. If you are traveling somewhere different from your time zone, you will probably need to arrive more than 1 day before your match. Let your body adjust to the new time, new weather, new habits, etc.




2 – Location/Lodging

How far from the venue are you? Traffic, getting lost in the new city, etc. Problems like that can happen, causing you unnecessary stress and drain your energy. Try to book a hotel near as possible from the event.





3 – Roller massage + Yoga Mat

Sitting in a car or plane for a long time is not very healthy for your spine. Bring a travel size massage roller with you. A Yoga mat can also be very helpful. Not only you can stretch but also rest during that long layover at the airport.





4 – Snacks

Always have a healthy snack with you. If you are flying, Granola bars are perfect if you consider airport security rules. But if you are driving, fruits could be a good option. The point is: You need to stock some good fuel to your battle.



5 – Hydration

Drink Water! The change of your routine, environment and traveling itself can affect your metabolism. Lack of humidity in a plane’s cabin air may also lead to dehydration during air travel for passengers, particularly during long-haul flights. Hydrate the machine!



Travel to compete it’s an opportunity to get out from your comfort zone, explore the world and connect with new people. Be always polite and respectful. The idea is to have fun!   

Now, go pack and safe travels. Oss


Born and Raised in the City of Curitiba in southern Brazil. 19 years of Jiu-Jitsu and today is one of the professors and partners of Higher Ground Jiu-Jitsu in Rowland Heights, CA and a contributor to Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. You can keep in touch with him on his social media channels as well.

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