F2W103; Big State, Biggest Party

Houston, TX – When you mention Houston Texas, you think of everything being big. Well, you can now chalk up Fight2Win 103 as another big thing that just took place in Texas. The biggest party in grappling showcased another night of exciting jiu-jitsu and continuing their “old-school rules” judo feature match. F2W103 also heralded in a gi heavyweight title main event between Gutemberg Pereira defending his title against Alexandro Ceconi and ushered in the return of five-time IBJJF World Champion Hannette Staack taking on Tubby Alequin in a gi featherweight title.

F2W continues its stay in the Lone Star state. Next stop, F2W104 in Dallas Tx. If you can’t be there to see it there live, check out the livestream on FloGrappling.com and be sure to come back here for a summary recap of all the action that took place.


Gutemberg Pereira vs Alexandro Ceconi

In a match that showcased two champions. F2W heavyweight titleholder and GF Team standout Gutemberg Pereira taking on F2W masters heavyweight champ and Texas native Alexandro Ceconi. The match started out with a brief fight for grips followed by Pereira pulling guard and quickly securing a closed guard. The match was a technical struggle that had Ceconi pressuring Pereira’s closed guard but eventually lending himself to a well set up sweep to give Pereira the top position and eventual pass. After a cat and mouse game with the lapels from the mount Pereira was able to slap on a slick triangle from the mount to keep it secured and roll onto his back securing the finish.




Gutemberg Pereira defeats Alexandro Ceconi Triangle

Retains F2W Heavyweight Black Belt Gi Title


Hannette Staack vs Tubby Alequin

The co-main event featured Hannette Stack to the competition mats against F2W veteran and no-gi featherweight belt holder, Amanda “Tubby” Alequin.

Alequin wasted little time to pull guard on Staack. in a struggle for a dominant position that developed into a trade-off of multiple leg attacks from both competitors. In what was a tough match that really didn’t have any clear moments of dominant control for either competitor with the verdict able to go either way, the judges scored a tight match for the returning Hannette Staack via unanimous decision.




Hannette Staack defeats Tubby Alequin – Unanimous Decision

Becomes F2W Black Belt Featherweight Gi Champion


Daniel Galvão vs Eugene Gutierrez

In one of the evening’s spotlight matchups earning one of the F2W’s “Submission of the Night” recognition, Daniel Galvão faced off against Eugene Gutierrez. In a match that didn’t take too long to heat up, the fans were treated to a lightning-quick transition from closed guard, to open guard, to come out to the top position with a loop choke secured to grab the win just under the two-minute mark of the match.



Daniel Galvão defeats Eugene Gutierrez Loop Choke SOTN


Here’s a full list of the evening’s results:

Black Belt Results

Gutemberg Pereira defeats Alexandro Ceconi Triangle

Retains F2W Heavyweight Black Belt Gi Title

Hannette Staack defeats Tubby Alequin

Becomes F2W Black Belt Featherweight Gi Champion

Robert Yamashita Defeats Jason Butcher Armbar

Joshua Adam defeats Danny Duckworth Armbar

Nicholas Greene defeats Thomas Mancha Split Decision

Drew Lockwood defeats Ed Ramos Decision

Daniel Galvão defeats Eugene Gutierrez Loop Choke SOTN

Stephen Hall defeats Dean Zaino Triangle

Julian Vega defeats Ruben Coronado Decision FOTN

Inácio Neto defeats Roger Narvaez Triangle

Marcus Bello defeats Brian Marvin Split Decision

Marcelo Uirapuru defeats Alex Henley Decision

Isai Cabrera defeats Roli Delgado Decision

Joe Dierkhising defeats CJ Hancock Heel Hook

Davin Ordinario defeats Washington Luis Decision

Black Belt Judo Results

Seth Daniels defeats Jaime Lazcano Decision

Brown Belt Results

Dinko Bektic defeats Ryan Walsh Decision

Becomes F2W Adult heavyweight brown belt Gi Champion

Chris Roberson defeats Carlos Silva Decision

Retains Masters Brown Belt Super Heavy Weight Title

Alex Lane defeats Danny Kou Bow and Arrow SOTN

Jacob Allphin defeats Kevin Cruz Split Decision FOTN

Joel Heinen defeats Joseph Sirju Armbar

Ben Patnode defeats Ryan Sheehan Decision

Jerome Roseborough defeats Alex Albert Decision

David Acosta defeats Erik Wright Heel Hook

Leslie Christina McLea defeats Rachel Beach Decision

Harry Tj Montecinos defeats Orlando Rodriguez Guilotene

Purple Belt Results

Jules Blafa Johnson defeats Scott Lanham Decision FOTN

Brian Burnham defeats Ben Parker Armbar

Randy Baker defeats Cory McCoy Heel Hook

Darryl Lebus defeats Vinicius Silva Decision

Pedro Fillipe Marinho defeats Daniel Calvert Armbar SOTN

Jay Mathur defeats James Reilly Decision

Kids Results

Moses Cabrera defeats Brody Banks Armbar FOTN

Raphael Belmarez defeats JJ Shafer Armbar

Eddie Pugachov defeats Desmond Rubio Decision



Jim Lawson is a US Marine Corps veteran, jiu-jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Teixeira, who loves to travel and teach jiu-jitsu to anyone who will listen. He has a lot of other experiences and credentials but who really cares about all that. He’d love to keep in touch with you. You can stay in touch with him either through email or on his social media (where his numbers could really use a boost).

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