The Wild-Wild West; F2W Style

Rio Rancho NM – The wild west spirit is still alive in the southwest. Fight2Win rode through town with its 102nd showing and let’s just say that there was enough gi slinging and tusslin’ to make the cowboys of the past green with envy. Also featured in the evening’s offerings was F2W’s effort to showcase “old school” judo rules competition. Here’s a recap and the evening’s results starting with the main event.


Mahamed Aly defeats Max Gimines


You can say that this was a big match. Not only because there was a belt on the line, but because both of these athletes were coming in with a combined weight around the ballpark of 500lbs! What also added to the anticipation was that this match would be a tie-breaker of sorts, with these two competitors having faced off against each other on two other occasions and splitting the results at 1-1.

The match started off with Aly attempting a quick double leg takedown that was easily stuffed by Gimines and the next five minutes of intense grip fighting that resembled an additional F2W old school judo match. At close to the five and a half minute mark Aly nailed a sweet fireman carry takedown but was immediately countered by Gimines quickly attempting Aly’s back which resulted in a brief ground exchange and then back to their feet. The struggle continued back and forth until about less than three minutes left in the match, Aly was able to snap Gimines down and secure a cross choke from knee on belly position and secure the Super Heavyweight Gi Champion belt.


Mahamed Aly def. Max Gimines Cross Choke


Garrett Aldrich vs Jesse Butler

F2W head honcho Seth Daniels got a chance to dawn his referee hat in the featured judo match of the evening, featuring Gracie Barra black belt Garrett Aldrich squaring off against 2017 World Judo Team member, representing Elite Performance Center, Jesse Butler.

This was a high energy match that didn’t waste any time with the takedown attempts, as Aldrich fired the first shot with a fireman carry takedown attempt that was easily stuffed by Butler. There was a lot of back and forth action with a notable slam (which are legal under this ruleset) by Butler while Aldrich looked to be attempting a triangle from his back. The end came shortly after referee Daniels stood up the two competitors after newaza sequence. Aldrich was eventually able to pull off a sweet rolling bow and arrow choke, countering off of a failed drop seoi nage attempt by Butler. This match was one of the three matches awarded “Fight of the Night”.


Garrett Aldrich def. Jesse Butler Bow and Arrow Choke


Saul Elizondo vs Eric Buck

Aurora Colorado grappler, Eric Buck was pitted against hometown Gracie Barra representative Saul Elizondo in a 135lb contest that was aggressive, and at one point saw Buck stand up in Elizondo’s guard so he could slam him in a blunt attempt to get Elizondo to open up his closed guard. And a strong closed guard it was, as Elizondo eventually used it to set up a slick sweep, using a secured underhook and immediately locking on a neck crank and using what was once a closed guard as a closed mount to stretch out Buck and secure the tap.

Saul Elizondo def. Eric Buck Neck Crank

Troy Everett vs James Gifford


In a match that had “special” written all over it when Mile-High Gracie representative Troy Everett entered the competition area rocking the solid Mariah Carey 90’s circa pop hit “Dream Lover” to go into battle against Gracie Barra competitor James Gifford.


When the match started Gifford wasted no time going on the attack attempting to jump for a standing guillotine which Everett countered by sitting back into guard to initiate the ground phase of combat. The initial ground sequence saw Gifford immediately pass to side control on Everett for a spell, until Everett was eventually able to recover and recover a closed guard on Gifford. Things heated up a bit when it looked like Everett may end the match by slapping on a darce from the bottom position and rolling Gifford to his side, but a game Gifford was able to defend and even secure full mount with his escape. Things came full circle however when Gifford shot in for a double leg, only to be countered by Everett’s match winning guillotine choke to secure the submission and “Fight of the Night” honors for their efforts.


Troy Everett def. James Gifford Guillotine


F2W keeps the party going with its next stop in Houston Texas. And as always, if you can’t be there to see it there live, check out the livestream on and be sure to come back here for a summary recap of all the action that took place.

Here are the events full results:


Mahamed Aly defeats Max Gimines Cross Choke SOTN

*Becomes F2W Black Belt Super Heavy Weight Gi Champion

Gustavo Monteiro Araújo defeats Jesse Jacquez Decision

Jacob Benitez defeats Benjamin Sandoval Darce

Aaron Perls defeats Nate Harris Decision

Joel Whitney defeats Henry Martinez Decision


Garrett Aldrich defeats Jesse Butler Choke FOTN

Brown Belt Results

Dan Dykeman defeats Eric Valdez RNC

Craig Ansbach defeats Tuauu Pleasant Armbar

Saul Elizondo defeats Eric Buck Neck Crank SOTN

Cody Hoffstatter defeats Luis Castillo Decision

Troy Everett defeats James Gifford Guilotene FOTN

Fernando Amadeu defeats Johnny Gurule RNC

Purple/Blue Belt Results

Sara Apodaca defeats Jenna Osuna Armbar

Reece Killebrew defeats Edgar Gamboa Decision FOTN

Resen Meser defeats Abie Gonzales RNC

Morgan Massey defeats Rene Grobecker

Bernardo G Dusich-Griego defeats Alec Valles Decision

Kateri Jojola defeats Kendra Carmona decision

Jeff Wallis defats Charles Bird decision

Alli Price defeats Nicole Sandoval Decision

Nate Flanders defeats Joey Acosta Armbar

Vin Barreda defeats Adolfo Gomez Heel Hook

Christian Edwards defeats Kar King Heel Hook

Imanol Garcia defeats Oscar Garcia Triangle

Javier Rubio defeats Jared Lesperance Decision

Kenan Jackson defeats Eric Silva Americana

Jesse Tafoya defeats Ran Weathers Decision

Brian Neff defeats Luis Rivera Decision

Jess Martinez defeats Donnie Bryan Kimura

Tyler Star defeats Greg Hassan Guilotene

Jared Mcloughlin defeats David Gomez decision

Paul Hunhoff defeats Jerald Aldaco decision

KayLynn Aragon defeats Mercedes White Decision

Slade Ring defeats Daren Donate Oma Plata RNC

Sergio Gonzales defeats Jude Romero Darce

Brendon Baca defeats Alex Alyson Decision

Andres Archuleta defeats Enrique Godiva Decision

Akuma Maters defeats Shamar Walker Decision

Jake Riglin defeats Brian Tulla Choke

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