Aloha! Fight 2 Win Ushers in Its Century Event From the Beautiful Island State

Fight 2 Win’s 100th event was brought in with style with the beautiful south shore of the Pacific island of Oahu offering a world-class landscape that offered the competitors and fans many “oo & ah” moments. It’s only fitting that the action of this 100th show elicited the same reaction with many of the matches that took place. The evening featured thirteen submission victories of many different flavors. The first submission of the evening was kicked off in fashion by Gracie Technics competitor Patrick Diego who was able to pull off and earn a very well contested Omoplata victory in the prelim section of the show.


Celeste Gage

Also on the prelims and speaking of shoulder locks, the females were well represented by Celeste Gage, who was able to attack from guard with an Omoplata attempt and turn it into a sweep to eventually

Jeff Huang

AJ Mendoza

secure a match-winning unconventional Omoplata from the side position. Jumping to the main card we were able to witness a pair of well-executed footlocks by Pete Shoemaker and Jeff Huang. The evening main card finished strong with a string of submission finishes featuring a slick triangle from AJ Mendoza and in the main event Tracey Goodell capped the night with a triangle armbar combo from the mount. Milestone events are usually a mark of something special and Fight2Win 100 was to signify the growth of the movement to showcase jiu-jitsu talent from all over. Seth and Missy and team have continued to set a relentless pace with a high production value, with their Fight2Win series and there was no better place to showcase it other than a region that is often compared to something as a fantasy with more to come. Here’s to the first one hundred events and all the best to many more.


Below are the complete results from the rest of the evening.


Tracey Goodell  def Rita Gribben Sub,

Ridge Blackburn  def Zack Pang Sub,

Cesar Casamajo  def Royal Mitchell Sub,

AJ Mendoza  def Chris Nitta Sub,

Gordon Kimura  def Westen Waltjen Referee Dec

Kim Terra  def Bilal Ahmad Referee Dec

Keola Akao  def Linsey Arcangel Referee Dec

Jeff Huang  def Clifton Teshima Sub,

Kyle Foyle  def Kevin Tang Referee Dec

Jeremy Nitta  def Bernardo Cruz Referee Dec

Titus Napoleon  def K. Hosaka Referee Dec

Pete Shoemaker  def Joel Bouhey Sub,

Troy Everett  def Chris Leben Referee Dec

  1. Snyder-Olivares  def Cameron Fraser

Thang Nguyen  def D. DeAnda Referee Dec

Tim Hirata  def Ricky Ridela Referee Dec

  1. Villanueva  def Owen Goo Sub,

Nicholas Alcoran  def Jayson Kira Referee Dec

Kaika Sasaoka  def Garrett Gonsalves Referee Dec

  1. Andrews Newman  def Sergio Esquivel Sub,

Rawlins Fukuda  def Kai Godwin Referee Dec

Kyle Oswalt  def Brandon Bell Sub,

Patrick Stachel  def D. Martin Referee Dec

Celeste Gage  def Maka Paracuelles Sub,

Grant Mochizuki  def Garry Nakamura Referee Dec

Adam Taufmann  def Taylor Kuhia Sub,

  1. Potts  def Mike Chu Referee Dec

Scott Miyamoto  def Jason Tanaka Referee Dec

William Torres  def Ryan Pilanca Sub,

  1. Chun Fat  def Cory Okuda Split Dec

Alvin Yeh  def Ronald Jhun Split Dec

Patrick Diego  def Nakia Naeole Sub,

Ryne Yoshimura  def Gerard Espiritu Referee rDec

Jan Okada Combs  def Molly Bowser Referee Dec

Todd Tokuyoshi  def C. Quintanilla Split Dec

Jimmy Sengdetka  def Calvin Cal Lee Split Dec

Justin Puerto  def Bill Takeuchi Jr. Split Dec

Jonah Kapihe  def Micaiah Garan Referee Dec



Jim Lawson is a US Marine Corps veteran, jiu-jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Teixeira, who loves to travel and teach jiu-jitsu to anyone who will listen. He has a lot of other experiences and credentials but who really cares about all that. He’d love to keep in touch with you. You can stay in touch with him either through email or on his social media (where his numbers could really use a boost).

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