Weekend Update: 2019 IBJJF Euro Champs Stun Lisbon; UAEJJF results from Mongolia and Japan

The 2019 IBJJF European championship wrapped up this Sunday, in Lisbon, Portugal, with the black belt champions being crowned after two full days of matches.

Both well known names and upcoming stars stunned the crowds at the Pavilhão de Oldivelas with exciting performances. Here are the final results in the adult black belt division.

Adult Male Black Belt

Rooster – Rodnei Barbosa beat Tomoyuki Hashimoto 2-1 on advantages.

Lightfeather – João Miyao and Hiago George closed out with Miyao taking the gold medal.

Feather – Paulo Miyao beat Isaac Doederlein 7-2 on points.

Light – Levi Jones-Leary beat Lucas Lepri via referees decision following a 2-2 tie on points.

Middle – Isaque Bahiense beat Tommy Langaker 4-2 on points.

Medium-Heavy – Rudson Mateus finished Gabriel Almeida via armbar.

Heavy – Gustavo Batista and Kaynan Duarte closed out with Kaynan taking the title.

Super-heavy – Fellipe Andrew finished Helton Junior with a trinagle.

Ultra-heavy – Victor Honório beat Tanner Rice 6-0 on points.

Open Class – Gustavo Batista beat Lucas Lepri 10-0 on points.

Adult Female Black belt

Rooster – Mayssa Bastos beat Serena Gabrielli 2-0 on advantages.

Light-feather – Amal Anjahid beat Larissa Campos 1-0 on advantages.

Feather – Ffion Davies beat Gabi Fletcher 1-0 on advantages.

Light – Charlotte Von Baumgarten beat Bianca Basílio 2-0 on points.

Middle – Samantha Cook finished Glaucia Braga with a bow and arrow choke.

Medium-Heavy – Luiza Monteiro beat Claudia do Val 6-0 on points.

Heavy – Nthiely de Jesus finished Claire-France Thevenon with a toehold.

Super-heavy – Carina Santi beat Jessica Flowers 3-0 on points.

Open Class – Nathiely de Jesus beat Luiza Monteiro on points.


Adult Male

1 – Cicero Costha Internacional – 68

2 – Alliance – 62

3 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 57

Adult Female

1 – CheckMat – 46

2 – Gracie Barra – 32

3 – Roger Gracie Academy – 31

Click here for the full results.

In the UAEJJF circuit, the weekend had events in Asia.

On January 19, the Japan National Pro gathered hundreds of athletes in Tokyo for a full day of Jiu-Jitsu. In the black belt division, Robson Tanno beat Alberto Serrano 2-0 on points to win the 77kg weight class. In the 94kg division, Youngham Noh finished Yuji Arai for the 94kg division title. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Axis JJ; 2nd – DCBS; 3rd – Infight Japan. Click here for the full results.

The Mongolia National Pro hosted hundreds of athletes in Ulaanbaatar for a whole weekend of matches on January 19-20. In the black belt division, Battsetseg Tsog-Ochir finished Buyandelger Battsogt for the female 70kg divison title. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Garuda; 2nd – Shine Badrakh JJ; 3rd – Monde BJJ. Click here for the full results.

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