$90K Up For Grabs Between 12 Grapplers!


On October 20th three jiu-jitsu athletes will each be $30,000 richer thanks to Krista Whitley and the crew at Altitude Products. Their newest venture is a complete line of enhanced products for jiu-jitsu athletes, aptly named Black Belt CBD. To kick off the new launch something very special is happening October 20th at Altitude Headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada. Think of it of a jiu-jitsu fest for all the marbles, or dollars. There will be 3 separate four-person brackets. The winner of each bracket goes home, winner take all style, with $30K! There are two men’s divisions; Heavy and Middle Weights along with a women’s division. Unlike other promotions that award less to the ladies, Black Belt CBD believes in equal pay for equal work! That’s right, $90K in cash awarded on one night in October to 3 grapplers! Speaking of grapplers, the four Heavy Weights will do battle in the gi, including World Champions Mahamed Aly and Rodolfo Vieira along with Marcelo Nunes and Kit Dale. Middle Weights Gilbert Burns, DJ Jackson, Edwin Najmi and Rafael Domingos will battle it out in spandex in a no-gi contest. As of yet the weight cutoff hasn’t been determined for the ladies but the bracket will include Ana Vieira, Catherine Perret, Bia Mesquita and Luiza Monteiro. The night will be capped off with a grappling superfight with UFC Hall of Fame and Former Heavyweight Champions’ Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin!

For the brackets each matchup will consist of 3 rounds of 5 minutes each with a 90 second break, this follows the ACBJJ format of rounds. Points are awarded and if a 7 point lead is secured, round is deemed a “10-8” round. If round is won by a margin of 6 points or less, round is deemed a “10-9”. Points are not cumulative from one round to the next but penalties are. A draw will warrant “judges decision” to establish the victor. Scoring and norms of behavior follow IBJJF standards with some exceptions. First off there are no advantages, grips on the inside of opponents gi are allowed. Instead of an advantage a single point will be awarded for a near submission attempt (contingent that 2 out of the 3 judges award that point, being “danger” and “defense of submission” are the criteria that warrant judgement). This is an interesting one, pulling guard in the first minute of each round will award top player 2 points. If both competitors find themselves in “double-guard” 2 points will be awarded from whomever “comes-up” first. Finally, In the no-gi matches heel-hooks and “reaping the knee” will be legal.

This is going to be an amazing night. If you hurry you just might still be able to get ahold of tickets! Click Here for tickets. If you can’t make it you’ll be able to watch the action live on Facebook.com/blackbeltcbd or on our YouTube channel, youtube.com/jiujitsumag. Be sure to checkout coverage at www.jiujitsumag.com as well.


Mike Velez is the Editor and Publisher of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. He has been training since 2009 and is a brown belt under Rafael Oliveira of Gracie Barra in Chino, CA. You can contact Mike at mikev@jiujitsumag.com.

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