You’ve Got the Look

Well, you could have it, but it will cost you. How much you ask? How’s about $500. That’s the price tag for one of only 100 Vanguard M2W Kimono made from the remaining lot of Cone Mills “White Oak” dark indigo denim. Cone Mills recently closed its doors after being a major supplier to denim companies like Levi’s. The unique fabric, which will never be made again, is a 12 oz sanforized white selvedge that’s tightly woven. The fabric is made in the USA and each gi is hand sewn in Los Angeles, California. The Vanguard was the brainchild of black belt and industry veteran Mike Dytri. Mike’s worked as a product design consultant for some of the top brands in jiu-jitsu. Mike is also the president and founder of Ludwig Van, an apparel company who’s limited run products can be found on the secondary market for much more than their original cost. If you’re getting tired of boring investments in your 401K, maybe investing in one of these will toughen up your portfolio. Look for additional drops of limited edition Vanguard kimonos this year from other limited selvedge materials. At the time of publication, there are still a few of these limited run available!

(Note: Selvedge is the term used to describe denim that is woven using an old-fashioned denim weaving technique. Selvedge denim is more desirable than modern denim because its tighter, denser weave. This means it’s stronger yet wears with a soft feel. Selvedge denim also has more character thanks to variations on the denim’s surface.)


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