None Shall Pass!

Sweep To Side Control
Yuri saved what I think was the best for last. I’m a fan of “sneaky” and this one’s sneaky. Yuri’s going to go for a very simple sweep from the Body X-Guard and along the way an armbar is going to show up for the taking. Even if you don’t get the armbar, letting your opponent know it’s there will make him more likely to move to your advantage allowing you to get where you really want to go, which is on top in side control.

1. Starting from the basic Body X-Guard position, Yuri lets go of his grip on the right leg. He then reaches across and grabs behind his opponent’s left leg.


2. Yuri raises the leg, bringing it over his own right knee. As he’s performing this motion he grabs a hold of the pants near the cuff.


3. Yuri pulls the leg down so that it’s tightly between his opponent’s left arm and Yuri’s right leg near the knee.


4. Now, Yuri pushes himself away with both legs and hips out a bit. As he’s doing this, he’s pushing his opponent’s left leg away with his grip, sort of like when a leg drag is initiated.


5. When Yuri’s feet are away from his opponent’s body, he pulls both feet out, drops his left knee to the mat and right steps with his right foot on the mat.


6. Yuri keeps pressure on his opponent and steps towards him. At this same time, Yuri is using his right forearm to push down on the outside of his opponent’s left thigh, while also pulling on his grip of the sleeve. With enough pressure this is the opportunity to get the armbar.


7. The armbar isn’t really the goal here, but it’s distracting for his opponent. Yuri continues his journey up to side control and eventually establishes the position.


Key Points

In step 2, Yuri begins to lift his opponent’s leg using the back of his hand. As he brings the leg over and across, this allows his hand to be in a better position to eventually grab the pants.



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