“Invisible Jiu-Jitsu” Weight Distribution with Henry Akins

Guard Passing Drills
For these drills try not to use your hands, just try to use your body weight and shift the angels. The hands will eventually help out, but at this point, when Henry passes, he doesn’t find the need to use his arms very often.


Open Guard With Leg Shield
This is a drill for a typical open guard with the person on the bottom using his leg as a shield; he has control of a sleeve, and control of the collar. This is a solid position for the person on the bottom. He has options to sweep, options to choke, and could rest in that position if he was so inclined.

1. The first thing for the person on top to recognize is that if your knees are on the ground, then your weight is not on your opponent. Any time you’re passing the guard you want to be on your toes with your weight on your opponent.


2. Notice immediately that the person on the bottom is no longer relaxed. He has to deal with 100+ pounds that just got placed on top of him. He’s forced to engage his muscles.


3. Henry’s biggest obstacle in obtaining his goal of getting his chest to his opponent’s in side control is Sean’s left leg. So, to kill the leg, Henry turns his angle, dropping his right hip and upper body down, focusing his weight on that side.


4. Once Henry has turned his angle he’s collapsed, his head and chest are already closer to Sean, and now Sean only has his left hook keeping Henry from the pass.


5. From there, Henry only has to walk his feet to his right to pass, or he can stretch out his right leg and step to the front.


Key Points
If Henry steps his right leg over and goes to the front, all he needs to then do is get on his toes and drive forward to move into side control.


If Henry walks to his right and goes to his back he stays on his toes, controls Sean’s far arm to keep him from rolling and flattens him out for side control.


Sean tries to spin in the direction he’s going, to Henry’s right. To stop the spin, all he has to do is grab onto Sean’s pants near his right side hip to prevent the spin and eventually complete the pass.

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