The New Lunch Box 5 Must Have Snacks for Every Gear Bag


Go buy some seeds and plant some trees, then you will have bananas, avocados and coconuts to water right in your very own backyard! If that’s not feasible, instead of shelling out mucho dinero every time you want some trail mix or a snack bar, simply buy in bulk and make your own.

Trail mixes are simple, just mix and match using this golden ratio.


Grappler Gourmet Master Ratio
Think back on BJJ fundamentals and treat trail mix like rolling.
Know the basics yet be creative with how to implement them.


ratioGrappler Gourmet Master Mix
Almonds:    1/2 cup
Cashews:    1/2 cup
Walnuts:    1/2 cup
Peanuts:    1/2 cup
Pumpkin Seeds:    3/4 cup
Flax Seed or Chia    1/4 cup
Raisins    1 cup
Dark chocolate chips:    1/2 cup

1.    Gather all of the ingredients and measure them out.
2.    Place all of them into a large bowl and mix them together to combine.
3.    Transfer ¼ – ½ cup portions into small baggies or into a large air tight container.
4.    Store, snack and submit.




MacKenzie Arrington is an award-winning chef based in Buffalo, NY. Off the mats, he is the team chef for a professional sports team, runs a healthy meal prep company and is a culinary knifemaker. On the mats, he is a purple belt out of Lake Effect Martial Arts - Checkmat Buffalo. Connect with MacKenzie on Instagram.
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