The New Lunch Box 5 Must Have Snacks for Every Gear Bag

Never hear, “give me your lunch money” again because you know jiu-jitsu. Also, you no longer need to carry cash with you because after reading this article you will be prepared for any situation by having some power packed snacks right in your bag. Think about what you carry with you in your bag. You will never leave the house without your gi, mouth guard, and rolls upon rolls of tape. The essentials, right? Wrong! What good are all those things if you are dragging your ass on the mats because you were running late and did not have time to snag lunch or something to eat before class? What about after class? Say you have a good lunch and then you work all of your slick submissions for six 10-minute rounds, your body is beaten down, and you have depleted all of your resources. Do you know what happens if you do not properly refuel? Your body goes into a catabolic state and starts to pull nutrients from your hard earned muscles! We cannot have that! Luckily, we live in a world of convenience and there is a wide market of items just waiting for us to pick up. Where to begin? Don’t worry, below you will find the 5 must have snacks for every gear bag, to keep you in beast mode on the mats.



#1 Nuts
Avoid performance ruts by going nuts.

Nuts have been a staple in, not only athlete’s diets, but everyone’s diet dating back before I can even imagine. Trail mixes were designed for trails. I do not mean just a nice hike in the woods behind your house, but actual hard trails before there were roads and bridges – fording rivers, fighting bears and disease in the woods hundreds of miles away from any civilization. That being said, nuts are pretty important since they were one must have item on such expeditions. In present day, you can afford to carry some in your gear bag any and every day to get the nutrients you need and might be missing out on. Most nuts are packed full of good fats and most importantly, protein. The best part is the fact that you can mix and match, change quantities easily and add variety based on how you are feeling. They take up virtually no space in a side pocket of your bag, but magically will leave you feeling full and content after a small handful before or after class.


Best for Pre or Post training.
Mix equal parts almonds, walnuts and cashews for a protein and fat dense energy boost your body will need to bounce back from losing to work via “lunch skip.”


#2 Nutrition Bars
Armbars, kneebars, and nutrition bars, that’s what I bring to class.

You might be thinking, “How are these different than nuts?” Well, how much more effective is a submission when it is chained together with other attacks rather than just on its own? Sure, they both have their time and place, but with nutrition bars we are hitting a much broader spectrum of nutrition that nuts alone do not. The market is full of all types of nutrition bars thankfully. They are easy to snag anywhere, even easier to store. Most bars contain nuts, fruits and additional flavoring. The best bars to carry on you are the ones that cover the most ground, without any unnecessary ingredients. Get a bar that has a fair amount of healthy nuts and fruits, and that does not have a million ingredients that you cannot pronounce or name what they do. This way you are getting a clean source of nutrients in before or after training. Bigger, heartier bars are great for meal replacements, save those for an hour before class to avoid feeling full and heavy during the warm up.



Best for Pre or Post training.
Look for bars stacked with good nuts that get their sweetness from added fruits, not added sugars.


MacKenzie Arrington is an award-winning chef based in Buffalo, NY. Off the mats, he is the team chef for a professional sports team, runs a healthy meal prep company and is a culinary knifemaker. On the mats, he is a purple belt out of Lake Effect Martial Arts - Checkmat Buffalo. Connect with MacKenzie on Instagram.
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