She’s Back! The Triple Bump With Cyborg

Born Cristiane Justino Venâncio, she is better known as Cris Cyborg, or just “Cyborg”. That is the name that she has found most of her fame with and for good reason.  Cristiane’s fighting style is every bit how you would imagine a Cyberdyne Systems’ Cybernetic Organism Model 101 to fight in real life (kind of geeked out at that opportunity to reference her nickname), leaving a trail of fallen foes in her wake. Outside of her first two MMA matches, Cyborg has dispatched every single challenger inside the scheduled distance of an MMA match. In doing so, she has won every major MMA organization’s championship belt and recently captured the long elusive (for one reason or another) UFC Championship strap.

Because of Cyborg’s ability to render opponent’s unconscious in spectacular fashion via punches and kicks, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that her grappling acumen is just as lethal.  Having earned a bronze in the highly competitive ADCC World Championships back in 2009, she also won her division as a purple belt at the IBJJF World Championships in 2011 and 2012. After that, Andre Galvao awarded her brown belt to her, which has essentially put the world on notice: taking her down to the ground is not exactly a path to safety, but in reality, it’s more than likely just an alternate path of destruction.

However, she’s not always in “terminator mode”. In fact, she was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to show us some really effective methods of escaping the wrong end of side control and counter with an offering of calculated aggression. Your mission: protect Sarah Connor and learn these escapes.

Triple Bump/ Triple Option Side Control Escape


Triple Bump/ Triple Option Side Control Escape

Step 1

Cyborg’s opponent has her in side control, using underhooks underneath her head and left arm. 

Step 2

Cyborg initiates the escape by quickly bumping her ups up to create space so that she can rotate her left arm to create a frame with her forearm underneath her opponent’s neck.












Step 3

Once Cyborg establishes her frame, she hip bumps again bringing her right hand to her forehead, creating another frame against her opponent’s body.

Step 4

From here, Cyborg bumps a third time shooting her left elbow underneath her opponent’s right arm, establishing her own underhook.












Note: A common mistake is to directly swim your hand underneath your opponent. Be sure to not use your hand to position underneath your opponent’s arm.  This flares your elbow out wide and allows too much space for your opponent to recover and counter by pummelling under your elbow and reestablishing their position. 

















With the underhook in place, Cyborg uses it to lift herself up, planting her right elbow on the mat.












Continuing the lift, Cyborg replaces the position of her right elbow with her hand, completely lifting her hips off of the mat and connecting the top of her head to the side of her opponent’s head.







Cyborg now swings her bottom leg out and wide to establish a solid base. From here Cyborg has many options.

To see what these options are, be sure to pick up Issue 57 so that you too can use this bump to become a triple threat.


Jim Lawson is a US Marine Corps veteran, jiu-jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Teixeira, who loves to travel and teach jiu-jitsu to anyone who will listen. He has a lot of other experiences and credentials but who really cares about all that. He’d love to keep in touch with you. You can stay in touch with him either through email or on his social media (where his numbers could really use a boost).

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