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Submission Wrestling With Garry Tonon: The Granby Roll

Over the last few years, Garry Tonon has become a fixture in the submission grappling and no-ni jiu-jitsu scene. From Metamoris to EBI to IBJJF tournaments, Garry has proven himself as one of the sport’s most dominant no-gi jiu-jitsu fighters. Seemingly ready to fight anyone, anywhere, Tonon routinely delivers with submissions finishes. His signature leg attacks, including kneebars and heel hooks, are usually how he makes his dominance known. However, Tonon is not a one trick pony. Aggressively passing guards and making his way to the back, Tonon has a vicious rear naked choke and guillotine.

Today, he shows us a few techniques when you’re on your feet, either when your opponent has secured a standing body lock, or from a collar and elbow tie up. With the dynamic pace of submission grappling, these are common positions you’ll find yourself in. You’ll learn how to take the fight to the mat without having points scored against you and set up a few submissions to the leg, shoulder, arm and neck. Before you attempt the submission techniques, it’s important to learn how to safely roll over your shoulder to bring the fight to the ground. Once you’ve learned the Granby Roll from various starting heights, you’ll be able to confidently set up the following techniques.

Granby Roll Drills

These are some simple drills you can do alone to work on your flexibility, limberness, and agility that will not only help you perform the techniques Garry has become famous for but for just about all of your jiu-jitsu. The Granby roll is a wrestling reversal named for Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia. It was popularized by Billy Martin, a famous wrestling coach in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

From The Knees

Step 1

Starting from your knees, drop your upper body to the mat, turning to the left so your head and right shoulder make contact with the mat.







Step 2

Tuck your right arm next to your leg and roll over your upper back and shoulders.







Step 3

Allow your body to fold in half as your legs pass over your head and come back up to your knees to finish.







Check out this and many other drills with the Granby Roll in Issue 48.



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