5 Off the Mat Activities That Will Increase Your Energy Levels to Train Jiu-Jitsu

Feeling a bit of cabin fever? As much as we all love training Jiu-Jitsu, a little bit of variety never hurt anyone. That’s why we decided to list seven activities to help you increase your energy levels for a better performance on the mats. Here we go.

Gi bars: Work on your upper body strength and also improve your grips. Just wrap a gi around a chin up bar and practice your grips while you go up and down.

Stairs: Jiu-Jitsu people love this one. Just find a set of stairs long enough for a good run up and down and go for it. You will greatly improve your cardio and also work on your legs. Start climbing!


Swimming: Less impact, more resistance and a work out for all parts of the body at the same time. Swimming should be in every fighter’s menu for off the mat activities.

Chains: Unlike a regular weight, a chain gets heavier the more you lift it from the ground. It will also help you on your balance.

Running on the sand: Running on sand will greatly help you with your cardio. It also has the benefit of increasing resistance while decreasing impact. Find a beach and go for a run.


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