What’s In The Box?

Lately hundreds of jiu-jitsu peeps just like you have been making the trek to the mailbox with hopes that today would be the day! Are they expecting a check? Maybe test results? Well maybe, but what really has them excited is that today might be the day that their latest BJJ Box has arrived! What’s in the BJJ Box you ask? Every box is packed with cool jiu-jitsu gear including high-quality brand name t-shirts, hygiene products like wipes or soap, training aids, information products like DVDs or access to online subscription services, supplements, drinks, and more. Each month boxes are guaranteed to be worth double the cost. That means the $24.99 Classic is always worth at least $50 and the $34.99 VIP is never worth less than $70. There is a small charge for postage, but even then the value is always worth it! Below are photos of some of the items shipped out in the last few months. Boxes are shipped out at the end of every month, but don’t wait to sign up, the cutoff for each box is 13 days before the end of the month. Save $5 off your first box by entering the code “JJM5” at checkout.




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