Godoi Teaches One of the Lapel Chokes He Used to Win Double Gold at the Worlds Masters

Black belt Roberto Godoi had a perfect campaign at the recent Worlds Masters. He won both the superheavy division and the open class. One of Godoi’s most efficient weapons are the clock chokes and its variations. He won the absolute final with what he calls the “Godoi choke”. Here, he teaches something similar to be used when the opponent is on all fours.

Godoi explains in Portuguese: “With the opponent on all fours, I’ll make a grip to the collar and keep my knee off the ground. Then, I move to the side and place my head under his torso, as I wrap my arm on his leg. Then, I push against him to create unbalance. Then I place my knee behind his leg and bring it closer to me to trip him and create pressure on his neck. I squeeze the lapel before landing him on his back for more pressure.

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