Partner Assisted PNF Stretches

Quadriceps (Basic)
Tight quads are one of the top creators of knee, hips and surprisingly back problems.

1.    Lie down on your stomach, with both legs extended. Bend at the knee bringing one of your feet up in the air, so your heel goes toward your glutes.
2.    If you aren’t able to touch your heel to your glutes, place the top of your foot against your partner’s shoulder and allow him to gently push forward to bend your knee until tension is felt.
3.    Contract your muscle by pressing in the opposite direction for 8-10 seconds against your partner, then gently relax.
4.    Your partner will then assist by holding around the sole of your foot with one hand and gently pushing the ankle further with his other hand to increase the ROM until tension is felt. Upon reaching this tension, hold the position for 30 seconds.
5.    At the conclusion of the 30 seconds, repeat steps 3 and 4 for three to five times, then change legs and repeat the process on the other side.



Quadriceps (Advanced)
In the event that touching your heel to your glutes is easy, you and your partner can turn it up a notch by stretching both your quads and hip flexors at the same time.

1.    From the same starting position in the basic move, slightly lift your knee off the mat so your partner can cup your knee from its lateral side and have him stabilize the same side of your lower back with his other hand.
2.    Your partner will now begin to lift your knee while keeping your hips down with his opposite hand supporting the back until tension is felt.
3.    Follow the same protocol in steps 3-5 of the first stretch.

Tip: Don’t push too hard into the back of your partner during the stretch and don’t pull too hard on the knee to prevent hyperextension of the back.



1.    Get into a butterfly stretch position and hold your feet. Your partner will be behind you pushing down until tension is felt.
2.    Once you feel the tension, contract your muscle by attempting to bring your knees together for 8-10 seconds against your partner’s resistance, then gently relax.
3.    Follow the same protocol in steps 4 and 5 of the first stretch.





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