Who’s the GOAT? Watch Roger and Buchecha in two epic matches

The IBJJF made a huge announcement this Tuesday regarding the second edition of the Pro League GP, scheduled August 26. Ten times black belt world champion Roger Gracie agreed to return to Gi competitions after seven away. The last time Roger competed in the gi in a regular tournament was at the 2010 Worlds (he competed against Buchecha in one match in 2012 and then another match against Rodrigo Comprido in 2015). The Gracie is the third name added to the Pro League, after the announcements of André Galvão and the sitting champion Marcus Buchecha.

We take the opportunity to feature two of the best moments in both Roger’s and Buchecha’s careers. First, here’s a video of the 2005 ADCC open weight final against Ronaldo Jacaré. Many times, Roger has said that the 2005 ADCC, in California, was the hardest event he ever competed in and also the moment he is most proud of. In Long Beach, 12 years ago, Roger finished all his opponents in a double gold campaign, including Jacaré and Xande Ribeiro, two of his toughest adversaries.

Eight years later, at the 2013 Worlds, Marcus Buchecha had his most dominant performance on the mats and also his best performance against his toughest opponent, in Rodolfo Vieira. The black belt open class final was the opportunity for Buchecha to put his game to work and score a 9-0 win that did not end in a finish by armbar because Rodolfo was as brave as one can be to defend his arm. Enjoy.

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