Magid Hage The Tao of Magid

There typically are certain events in jiu-jitsu that are clearly identifiable and act as milestones in your jiu-jitsu journey. These are events like the first day you started training, the day you got your blue belt, or the first time you stepped onto a podium. Other events, however, are not so easily identified. Take for example the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. Getting addicted to grappling, living a healthy lifestyle, incorporating “Oss” into your vocabulary, and unconsciously replacing “R” with “H” in your pronunciation of certain words doesn’t come overnight. For people who started training jiu-jitsu as adults, it’s a progression and transition from a way of life we’ve discovered to be undesirable.

Having been around it his entire life, Magid Hage grew up in the lifestyle we all know and love. He has, however, created a lifestyle all his own. Maybe it’s the dreadlocks, but I swear that Reggae music starts playing the second Magid walks into any room. He seems to move and live to that chill reggae beat. Although he grew up doing jiu-jitsu and it’s a very big part of his life, Magid has other interests. For example, he has a keen interest in photography which was inspired by his dad. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to discover how passionate he is about surfing. This shows in his personality and demeanor as he’s likely near large bodies of ocean water. Currently chasing the endless summer, Magid’s approach to life almost makes you want to quit your job to surf, travel, and do jiu-jitsu all day.


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