5 Matches We Would Like to Ask Santa to Make it Happen in 2017

The holidays are here, so it’s time to ask Santa for our presents. As we think about Jiu-Jitsu 24/7, we thought it would be cool to list the matches we would love to watch in 2017. Here are five super challenges we asked Santa as our Christmas presents. Add yours in the comments.

Garry Tonon vs. Kron Gracie

The year was 2013 and the setting was Beijing, China. The ADCC travelled to the far east and the 77kg division was heavily stacked. Tonon, still relatively unknown, feared not the famous Gracie name and went after Kron with all he had. Just watch how awesome the match was and imagine how a rematch would go now that Garry is much more experienced.

Marcelo Garcia vs. Fernando Tererê

An absolute classic! Tererê is to this day the only man on earth to have finished Garcia in his own weight class in competition. The two used to be training partners in Alliance, in the 90s, in Brazil. A rematch today would be something out of dreams.

Dominyka Obelenyte vs. Tayane Porfírio

The Lithuanian-American has been the most dominating black belt competitor in the female division in the past two years. The Brazilian is coming up the rankings like a tornado. Next year will Tayane’s first full season as a black belt while Dominyka goes for her third double gold campaign at the Worlds. Imagine if they meet in the  open class final.

Mackenzie Dern vs. Ana Carol Vieira

Mackenzie is now also an MMA fighter, but she has said many times that she is not done with Jiu-Jitu. Ana Carol, the sister of Rodolfo Vieira, was plagued with injuries but is now finally coming back to leave her mark as a black belt the same way she did in the lower belts. A clash in 2017 between Cartol and Mackenzie would be a sight to see as both play a submission-driven game.

Edwin Najmi vs. Nicholas Meregali

Here’s another match that would rekindle an old rivalry. Najmi and Meregali used to battle it out as purple belts. Who can forget the 2014 open class final at the Worlds. Najmi awed the crowd with a beautiful flying triangle choke. After that, Najmi became a brown belt and the a black belt, while Meregali waited another year to be promoted to brown and only recently become a black belt. Maybe 2017 is the year they will meet again.

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