About two years ago, Issue 30 to be exact, I reviewed the SISU MAX GUARD 2.4. Since then, SISU has come out with a new version; a NEXTGEN version of the original mouth guard. At the time of my first review, I was pretty impressed. I gave it some very high marks in performance and value, so when I got wind of the NEXTGEN, I was eager to give it a try.

What It Is

The SISU MAX GUARD NEXTGEN is a moldable mouth guard ideal for combat sports like jiu-jitsu and other contact sports. It is moldable so that it will conform to your unique upper bite. Unlike many “boil and bite” mouth guards, the MAX is remoldable up to twenty times. It’s also easier to customize than most boil and bites. The material will soften and become pliable at 140º versus 212º. The guard arrives to you as a flat piece of 2.4mm non-compressible thermo-polymer. It is BPA, Latex, PVC, Phethalete free, FDA compliant, and made in the USA. With the addition of hot water, the material becomes pliable enough for you to conform the pieces to fully protect your upper bridge. A redesigned perforation pattern is cut into the material to aid in the molding process, distribute impact, and allow you to drink, speak, and breathe better while using the guard. Compared to the previous version, the bite pad is larger, the edges are rounded for more comfort, and the perforation pattern has been re-engineered.

Fitting It

Fitting the MAXGUARD is super simple; get some hot water, over 140º, and dip it in with the use of a utensil. Allow the material to soften (you’ll see it begin to drape over your utensil). Remove, place against your upper teeth so that they’re centered on the bite pad, then fold the edges over the teeth, close your mouth, and suck. It’s very easy. The fact that the material becomes pliable at only 140º versus 212º makes it very easy to soften up just a bit under a hot faucet to make any minor adjustments. After 3-5 minutes in your mouth, it’s ready to be removed.

Using It

Once molded correctly the MAXGUARD stays in nicely. Depending how tight you fitted it, you can adjust so that it removes easily or stays in place well. I like mine with a medium to tight fit. I’ve been wearing a mouth guard from my very first jiu-jitsu class. I realize that some people refrain from using them because they feel like they can’t breathe or want to gag. The thiness of this guard helps on both of those fronts. Wearing the MAXGUARD during training was great, I’ve been wearing it for about 3 weeks now, including in competition, and I have no complaints. The rounded edges make it a bit more comfortable than my original. It’s design allows for me to communicate clearly without having to remove it’s also very convenient and safer since I’m not touching it with my hands. It’s easy to drink water without having to remove it between rounds, and it didn’t interfere with my breathing. One added benefit of wearing any mouth guard that’s not promoted is the ability to hold out on a choke a bit longer. There have been plenty of times when I think I’m able to last a little bit longer to find an escape thanks to wearing a mouth guard. There were a couple times when I took a knee or elbow to the grill. There was no pain, no broken teeth, and no bitten lips.


I don’t remember exactly what I said about the original MAXGUARD but the NEXTGEN is a winner. It’s relatively inexpensive at $34.99, same price as before, and will give you the protection and comfort of even the most expensive custom guards. It’s thin and unique design allows for easy breathing, talking, and drinking while continuing to provide protection. In fact, this new guard comes with a $35,000 full dental warranty (1 year). If it’s time for a new mouth guard, or you want to try one for the first time you will definitely be happy with the MAXGUARD NEXTGEN. For more info on the SISU MAX guard CLICK HERE

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