FujiFit Soft Kettlebells

Kettlebells have quickly become a popular workout tool in the fitness community. Their proper use improves body movements and strengthens cores, making them ideal for grapplers. Essentially, kettlebells are cannonballs with handles attached to them. Typically constructed of iron, they would likely outlast the zombie apocalypse. Their construction, however, is problematic as they can cause damage to mats, floors, and studios. Thankfully, FUJIFIT has come out with the Soft Kettlebell, the first of its kind.

How Is It Different?

Traditional kettlebells are generally made from cast iron. Sometimes, othermikekettle2 material such as cement is used and the kettlebell is coated in vinyl. Competition kettlebells are made from steel. There are also other various coatings that companies use in order to protect the kettlebell surface along with any surface it may come in contact with. The FUJIFIT Soft Kettlebell is unique in its design by keeping martial artists and academy owners in mind with a soft but rugged nylon shell design. This shell helps to prevent damage to academy floors. The high quality material uses triple reinforced stitching to make sure the kettlebell is tough and durable. It feels a lot like synthetic leather with a carbon fiber like weave. The handles are bolted onto the actually weighted portion.

How to Use It?

Well, it’s still a kettlebell. The functionality of the kettlebell doesn’t change just because the material is different. You will be able to use the FUJIFIT Soft Kettlebell the same way you would a cast iron kettlebell. You can still do the same explosive and stability exercises.

Using Them

When I first picked up the FUJIFIT Soft Kettlebell, it seemed a bit lighter. When weighed, the FUJIFIT Soft Kettlebells came in exactly as mikekettleadvertised. Thinking it was lighter may have been due to its slightly bulkier size relative to a cast iron kettlebell, or possibly a mental association made with iron being heavy. The soft material does feel nicer than cast iron or vinyl kettlebells. This is especially true when in a rack position. Not much is different from the workout otherwise. Depending on the weight of kettlebell you’re used to using, you may notice the difference in size. The FUJIFIT Soft Kettlebells tend to be a little bigger than traditional ones. This size difference didn’t seem to affect my workout at all. I didn’t handle them any more delicately than I would any other kettlebell, and after a few weeks of use, there were no signs of premature wear.


These kettlebells are softer than cast iron and vinyl. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to drop them on your foot. It may hurt less, but it will still hurt. Be sure to keep the same safety precautions when training. At the end of the day, physics will always win. The FUJIFIT Soft Kettlebells come in 10, 20, and 30lb options and are priced at $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99 respectively. Pricewise, they’re very comparable to traditional kettlebells. If you’re looking to supplement your training with kettlebells, these are a great option and alternative to iron kettlebells. The soft shell makes them perfect for home training where you might have delicate tile or hardwood. fujisports.comsoftkettbell-copy


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