Deluxe Grappling Dummy 3.0

They say the more the merrier; this saying couldn’t be more true than when it comes to training partners. However sometimes there is no to train with. Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to work on your closed guard armbar but your wife would probably pretty upset if you put it on here at 3 am, so what’s a grappler to do? Ring To Cage thought that very same question a few years ago when they released their first life-size grappling dummy. Since then they’ve continued to improve the design and functionality. Their latest creation is the Deluxe MMA Grappling/Jiu-Jitsu Dummy 3.0, it’s the third generation of their grappling dummy design.

What It Is

The DGD 3.0 is a life sized grappling dummy made of heavy duty 22oz polyester coated vinyl. It comes one of two ways, either filled or un-filled. When standing upright it would measure at 6’ tall. Although the joints are all articulated so that the resting state is something similar to someone who is grappling on their knees. All of the major joints; knees, elbow, shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists all allow for simulated manipulation and submissions. The filled version is the one I tested, it tips the scales at 65lbs.

Rolling With It

Dummies like this one are very handy when working on repetitious maneuvers where building muscle memory is important. They mikerncdummycan also be useful when working on transitions. Something like a knee on belly, to mount, to armbar is something that you could drill repeatedly until the son comes up without tiring out or injuring a training partner. During testing I spent time working on kneebar entries from half-guard, back to armbar, various leg locks, and a number of other combinations. I also managed to get an A3 Gi top on the dummy to practice some collar work. The width of the arms takes up a lot of space in the sleeves, but there was still room to do some sleeve grip simulations. The DGD 3.0 is also made for MMA training and can take some strikes. I did some elbow strikes from side control along some strikes from the mount. In two weeks of use a few of us probably logged about four hours of accumulated use. Through it all there were no signs of premature damage or wear and tear.


If you’re the type that can motivate yourself to work on improving your skills outside of the class reading-dummyenvironment then this might be a very useful item to have. Repetition drilling techniques and transitions with a dummy like this can definitely be beneficial for any grappler at any stage. If you don’t have a willing partner outside of class, or you like to drill with that added intensity that some teammates might not appreciate then this is for you. The adult version sells for $499.95 filled while a smaller youth version sells for $399.95 filled. There is also a less expensive un-filled versions that sell for $379.95 and $329.95 that can be filled with any type of rags or fabric. The price will seem high if you’ve never shopped for a grappling dummy before, but if you have you’d find the price to be competitive with other comparable dummies. The design is versatile and works well for any sort of guard training, top or bottom. If you’re looking to drill anytime, anywhere then this is for you.dummy3-0

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