Grand Slam World Tour Wraps Up in Rio With No-Gi Divisions Before Packing Up to Abu Dhabi

The third stage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu Tour wrapped up this Sunday, November 13, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Day 2 featured both GI and no-GI divisions, but the highlights were the black belt division, both for adults and masters. Here’s how they play out.

Adult Black Belt


60kg – Jose Filho managed two sweeps to defeat Jorge Nakamura and claim the gold medal.


67kg – Alexandre Vieira worked his way to Geovan Carlo’s back and managed a choke to win the title.


75kg – Luan Carvalho passed Victor Matos’ guard and then took his back to score a 7-0 lead and conquer the division.


83kg – Faisal Al Kitbe made his way to the top of the podium with a 2-0 win over Pedro Agrizzi.


92kg – Gustavo Saraiva won the gold medal with a 1-0 lead on advantages over Luiz Silva.


108kg – Igor Silva fought his teammate Ricardo Evangelista in the final and won the gold medal by one advantage.

Master 1 Black Belt


60kg – Juan da Silva beat Cleberson Silva 4-2 to claim the gold medal.


67kg – Ayres Neto outscored Everson Barros 20-0 to win the title.


75kg – Marcelo Silva managed three advantages to win the gold medal.


83kg – Lucio dos Santos finished Delson Heleno with a kimura to become the champion.

92kg – Alberto Ramos outscored Marceu Moreira 8-0 to claim the gold medal.


108kg – Paulo Pinto beat Daniel Silva 4-2 to claim the title.

In the teams competition, GF Team climbed to the top of the podium both in the gi and the no-gi divisions. Click here for the full results.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour returns January 13-14, in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. The final deadline to register for the event is January 9. Click here to sign up now. The fourth leg of the Tour will feature both gi and no-gi divisions.


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