5 Tips From Champions to Help You Build an Efficient Game in Jiu-Jitsu

Is your Jiu-Jitsu technique evolving in the right pace? Sometimes, it’s not how hard you train, but how smart you train. All champions of our art have found a way to make their time on the mats as productive as they can. With time and experience, they have developed strategies to evolve their game to the next level and keep their opponents always in check. Here are 7 tips from some of the biggest competitors out there to help you make your game more effective.

1 – Connect techniques

The capacity of connecting different techniques is a trademark of today’s competitors. In order to do that, you need to study the classic techniques and see how they link to new variations.  – Guilherme Mendes, 4X World Champion

2 – Keep it fast  

I use well known techniques, but I drill them is high speed so my style looks a bit different. When the fight stalls, you loose focus, so you need to keep it moving. You do that by training in high speed to get your body used to it. – Marcus Buchecha, 8X World Champion


3 – No prejudices

With a strong knowledge of the basic techniques and an open mind to novelties, you’ll end up with a game that is both solid and full of surprises. – Bernardo Faria, 4X World Champion

4 – Look for the kill, always

Stalling is no fun! In my fights, I am always looking for positions that allow me to finish the opponent. That’s how I am able to come up with new solutions in my game.  – Romulo Barral, 5X World Champion

5 – Know your options

If you want to get the opponent’s back to sink in the choke, you can use the berimbolo or go the usual route of pass, side control to the back. Know different ways to achieve your goal. – Alexander Trans, European open class champion

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