7 actions you should take to get the best out of your training sessions

Here are seven actions to be taken if you want to take the best out of each training session. Train hard, be smart and learn more.

Hold out nothing

Training is learning. Simple as that. Hence, you should not care about what happens in terms of outcome. Pay attention to each detail of what you are doing (and what your opponent is doing). Take risks with intelligence and learn as much as you can.

Repetition means perfection

Like everything else, Jiu-Jitsu is all about getting your brain (and your body) to work by instinct. The only way to do it is to practice each technique up until the point you fully understand them and can execute without a second thought.

Learn to walk, then run

There’s no berimbolo without a solid DLR base. No X-guard without a good half guard base. Learn the scissor sweep before trying some crazy advanced technique. If you can’t do the basics, there’s no way you’ll be successful in anything that comes later.


Warmup is life

Bad warmup leads to more frequent injury. Injury leads to time off the mats. Time off the mats leads to delayed development. So, warm up properly before each training session so your body is ready to go. .

Get comfort with discomfort

Don’t be afraid of putting yourself in tough positions. Train even when tired. Get your brain and body used to bad situations and that will make you look for answers and get solutions faster.

Get your rest on

Off time is as important as mat time. Rest properly, get your 8 hours of sleep every night and let your body recover. Also, use the time off the mat to look into your previous sessions and access your past mistakes.

Mind your fuel

No engine will run on bad quality gas. The analogy works perfectly for the human body too. Doesn’t matter how much you train and how much you want it, if you are not paying attention to what you eat and drink, you are not getting anywhere. Eat healthy, train more, learn faster.


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