7 habits that will help you to be better at Jiu-Jitsu (and live a happier life)

We all know how powerful of a tool Jiu-Jitsu can be in anyone’s life. Since the first training session, the gentle art starts to change the way our bodies work and also the way our minds think. As we become stronger and more active, we also become more self-confident that we now have the tools to deal with life’s setbacks, both on and off the mat. Thinking of that, we listed 7 habits that will help you evolve even faster towards a better understanding of the art and also towards a happier life.

Be present

If you don’t show up, you cannot learn anything. As black belt Robert Drysdale once said, don’t allow yourself a chance not to go to class. Once you’re there, pay attention, ask questions, repeat and exchange knowledge with your master and teammates.


Plan ahead

Since the white belt, try to find out what works better for you and invest in that particular course of action. You’ll still have to train everything else, but having a safe place to go to when on a tough spot will make you more comfortable during rolls.

Take Notes

Don’t trust solely on your memory. Keep a notebook nearby and write down what you learned, the key points and also your doubts. There’s even some journals out there made out specially for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

Don’t compare (well, at least not to others)

Specially in the early stages, resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. What you should really do is compare yourself today to how you were the day before.


Be smart

Don’t train injured, Don’t train sick. Don’t try to resist chokes and locks only to get injured. Tap often and learn from your mistakes.

Be consistent

You’ll evolve faster and enjoy yourself much more if you are able to keep a regular schedule of classes. It’s no use to show up for four class a day during two weeks and then not show up for two months.

Adopt a Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle

Make sure you extend the BJJ mindset to all areas of your life. What that means is to be more self confident, take care of your body and mind, learn to listen and to defuse stressful situations, etc. Jiu-Jitsu is much more than a combat style. It’s a tool to make your life better.


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