Seattle Open: Liera wins double gold; watch some of the best matches

The IBJJF bandwagon made a stop in the Pacific Northwest this weekend for the 2016 Seattle Open. Atos JJ’s Michael Liera was the standout with double gold in the black belt division. Liera made to the top of the podium in the heavyweight division and then closed out the open class with teammate lucas Barbosa.

Other black belt champions were: Richard Slomba (feather), Michael Musumeci (light), Brian Morizi (middle), Nathan Mendelsohn (medium-heavy), Felipe Bueno (superheavy), Carlos Farias (ultraheavy).

In the women’s division, Tammi Musumeci won the lightweight, Leah Taylor won the heavyweight and Jessica Cristina won the open class. In the teams competition, Gracie barra topped the podium with 272pts, followed by Atos JJ (145pts) and Ribeiro JJ (122pts). Click here for the full results.

Here are some of the black belt matches.


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