7 reasons why the 2016 Worlds Masters is bound to be awesome

The 2016 Worlds Masters is less than a month away. Scheduled August 25-27, in Las Vegas, the annual reunion of Jiu-Jitsu competitors over 30 years old is once again shaping up to be another highlight of the gentle art calendar.

Registration closed more than a month before the final deadline and the IBJJF even had to increase the number of mats to attend the ever increasing demand of competitors. As we enter the final weeks before the big moment arrives, let’s look into seven reasons why the 2016 Worlds Masters is bound to be awesome.

1. Free Seminars 


Once again, some of the most respected professors will be teaching free seminars during the Worlds Masters. The IBJJF has already confirmed classes with Leo Vieira, Xande Ribeiro, Romero Cavalcanti and Travis Stevens. More is sure to come.

2. The friendly atmosphere


Competitors will fight for victory with all they have, no doubt about it, but still preserve a feeling of companionship. The atmosphere is unique to the event, as athletes make sure to show their appreciation for the art and for their opponents.

3. Great technique


The men and women that hit the mats at the Worlds Masters are on top of their technique and they quickly display their knowledge with all kinds of techniques in search of the gold medal.

4. The unique moments


There are the goodbyes, the rivalries, the comebacks. Every year, the Worlds Masters is the stage for touching moments on the mats. Who knows what is in store for us this year.

5. Great battles


The Worlds Masters is also about being a world champion. Every year, the black belt open class division will feature great battles with some of the best in the game. 2016 should be no exception.

6. The pioneers


The Worlds Masters is also the place to meet the men and women who started it all. It’s easy to see the likes of Chris Haueter, Kurt Osiander, Luis Limão, Wellington Megaton, among others, in action.

7. Your professor in action


They teach you everyday and they are on the sidelines when you compete, but at the Worlds Masters you get to see them compete (and even try to help them with some pointers).

We hope you got all sicked up to be in Las Vegas. Jiu-Jitsu Magazine will be there to bring you the best coverage of all that takes place on and off the mats. See you in Vegas.


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